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Supernatural Homegrown or ExtraTerrestrial Alien IntelAIgents 🙂 … for the Delivering of Feasts or Famines ‽*

Some strange things [such as can very well be failure to embrace and engage in truly novel base control protocol changes] able to surprisingly attack and always immediately render indefensible sensitive secrets publicly known and liable to further broad bands of exploitation and/or misuse and abuse will always remain and prosper as a Persistent ACTive Cyber Threat/AI Treat in the command and control of Virtually Remote A.N.Others.

And even as there may be those dabbling in such fields as countenance such as being future problematical, there really is nothing that you can do to change that as your current executive SCADA systems administration greater reality.

All one can can do is prepare oneself to made aware of a vast string of novel strange changes completely beyond one’s own command and control whilst pinning all hopes on incumbent legacy leaderships not failing to rise to the epic challenge and colossal opportunities presented. Some agencies already have inklings which they realise are typically and topically Great Game changing.

“Agencies need to treat this threat [empowerment breaking into encrypted communications] seriously and recognize that the attacks may have begun,” he said.

In addition to experimenting with new algorithms, agencies need to become crypto-agile, he said. The ability to adapt will ensure long-term protection.

“We want to be able to change algorithms in the future without a huge headache,” he said. “And anytime we find a system that was painful to change this time around, we should make it easier in the future.”……. https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2022/9/6/government-seeking-quantum-proof-encryption

* a Dealer’s Choice choice


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Quit FCUKing around and get on with it … if you care dare to win win or/and not lose disgracefully.

A simple solution if a sale of Newport Wafer Fab (NWF) company is sought by its owners is for it to be purchased at the recognised and already offered price plus a dollar by UKGBNI PLC.

Or is that too much like a practical demonstration of politically astute leadership and thus beyond the keen and grasp of knuckle headed Parliamentarians and their wannabe masters/cavalier string pullers?


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Satisfyingly revealing and broadly informative …. is a gold standard for Advancing Intelligence

Thanks for that hyperlink, bondyboy.


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Re: Move along now…..nothing to see here…. A SWIFT Kill Dispenses with the Prolonging of Pain

The problem appears to be that HMGovernment ministers and Bank of England wonks are reluctant to embrace and enjoy the spend, spend, spend fiat currency of the Magic Money Tree methodology that Uncle Sam and friends and enemies have so fallen head over heels in love with and would have you fail to employ and compete with them in attracting novel emerging and empowering private and pirate proprietary intellectual property able to deliver excessive future wealth for lavish spendings beyond normal imaginings.

An added difficulty appears to be one just can’t get suitable staff these days for such vital roles as define whether one will continue to fail miserably in a future world or lead the very same and enthusiastic followers in prosperous pioneering vanguard movements which deliver such goods as formerly could only have been hoped for in the most vivacious of wet dreams and craziest of 0day daydreams.

The question to ask oneself then is ….. Is that a systemic failing ready to be rightly fixed of existing leaderships or future leaderships? And is the best and quickest solution to demonstrate the almighty power and innate abilities of any novel future command and control leadership in such a competitive situation, their provision of information and intelligence which catastrophically crashes present vital strategic infrastructure and interdependent services?


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