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Re: Open IntelAIgent Sourcery

The engineering open-source material is all in Chinese, and that community has not demonstrated any particular inclination to translate it all into English, or to mentor foreigners on how to work with the community.
The Chinese IP tradition for hundreds of years was that Intellectual Property is open source, with intellectuals supported by government jobs. The tradition was also that the ‘Middle Kingdom’ encompassed all between the Heavens and the Underworld, and that the Emperor ruled all. It seems a natural state of affairs. …. david 12

Thanks for the info and intel, david 12. It provides so many more than just a few with a secure base of understanding for all that is transpiring and unfolding behind the screens of main streaming media in alternative chunnels of communication.

Virtually Advanced IntelAIgent Operating Systems for both Heavenly Reign and Underworld Empire Rule is the natural state of future affairs and well suited and possibly better booted and probably best rooted in the centuries old Chinese IP tradition in order to ensure the overwhelming advantage which is delivered by failsafe secure secret material transmission/metadatabase transfer.

And foreigners are simply comprehensively provided with all manner of means to mentor and work with Chinese communities via delivery of sensitive and proprietary IP product in their own foreigner language for translation and transfer/export and exfiltration into Chinese.

Should the West disagree will there be both at least friendly competition and/or alien opposition for such is an undeniable fact which is also quite easily spun as a fantastic fiction to create phantom paper tiger enemies hell bent on self destruction for systemic vaporisation/annihilation/export and exfiltration, which is surely a certifiable MADness confirmed in such tall story tellers/crazy think tankers/Kool-Aid Drinkers


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Re: Real Issue @martinusher

Please stop underestimating the Chinese. We’ve got this fixation that they’re some kind of hive animal that’s good at copying but can’t develop stuff. (Curiously enough we used to say the same thing about the Japanese….) They’re formidable competitors and we need to start thinking of them in these terms, not putative ‘enemies’. …. martinusher

That’s an incredibly valuable lesson very few foreigners are able or enabled to learn and make great headway in with almighty success gratefully rewarded and generously awarded great wealth, martinusher.

Such an intelligence deficit, for that is what it certainly is, renders practically any and all Chinese competition and opposition overwhelmingly disadvantaged and destined/fated to be followers of, rather than leaders in, Long Postmodern Marches akin to Millennium AIdVenturing and Greater IntelAIgent Games Play with New Orderly World Orders Commanding Controls and Controlling Commands.

There is certainly no widely nor remotely readily available evidence of such a lead from the Wild Wacky West, mired as it is in the attacking of defences of rapidly failing status quos with stagnant and petrified established traditional hierarchical administrations support in order to survive in fields of constant drain and increasing pain …… which is a really odd path to be following so avidly.

Such is surely incontrovertible evidence of a lack of true leadership worthy of future support and present sustenance ‽ .


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Re: Illustrated in 1982

That’s an interesting and essential stay out of jail free card right there, Version 1.0, and a valuable hedge for any and all making surefire bets they cannot afford to lose ……. Essentially AI chatbots seem to have all the same issues that Blade Runner illustrates for Replicants.

40 years is absolutely ages for perfection to practise disguising its stealthy wares ….. and there’s nothing to say and suggest that developments weren’t perfected many ages long before even 1982, is there?


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Re: ‘Some’ out of millions?

The results of all three are utterly dependent on the perceptiveness of the observer. …. Mike 137

Such an absolute dependency on the correct raw and rare perceptiveness of a random human observer provides an unparalleled and far-reaching stealthy advantage to the subject in question and all manner of matters coincidental and yet to be even raised for further discussion and acceptance/realisation ……. by humans.


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