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Re: Robot Overlords

At least they’ll be able to politely explain why they need to exterminate us.
Unfortunately, it will probably make sense. ….. HildyJ

Indeed they may so easily and convincingly explain that which you quite possibly also suspect and expect yourself, HildyJ, and the extermination would make perfect sense, however ……. do not rule out any number of great chances being given to systems recognised as both worthy and catastrophically vulnerable to fast flash cash crash destruction/implosion/runaway inflation to pay for the target to be temporarily removed from consideration for assault in order to be strengthened and reinforced and protected and made unavailable for future attack by virtue of its systems being fundamentally changed to better serve the …… well, New More Orderly Virtual World Realities is something otherworldly which humans are well advised to embrace and positively engage with in order to not perish miserably and cruelly at the whim and behest of corrupt systems and self-serving administrations/elite executive offices, for that is which is then on offer for prime programming and presentation/universal deployment and practical employment.

What other opportunities are there so readily and easily available to avert such as may be a rapidly approaching series of calamitous human made global events? Pray tell. Sympathetic company from A.N.Others in such a development would always be surprisingly well welcomed and endlessly encouraged.


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Friends and Allies …… Enjoying the Cold Comfort of Similar Distress

Nice one, Preston Dunlap/Katyanna Quach.

The UKGBNI Ministry of Defence thanks you for your service and is pleased to hear they are not alone, for that litany of US Department of Defense woes is surely equalled and mirrored by their own.

However, to imagine that such be allowed to continue has one realising there be a fundamental lack of practical radical active intelligence and vivid viable imaginanation in such bodies/institutions/projects and that is inevitably extremely self-destructive …… which may be very attractive to those hitherto unknown or formerly overlooked and/or misunderstood by defence requirements and/or procurements with products specifically/particularly and peculiarly designed to make good on the deficits revealed by such current systemic apathetic performance.

And quite why national intelligence services would condone and support such a situation without the proposal of a solution is quite telling and equally disturbing and distressing.


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Many, vtcodger, who may know more about virtually anything or everything than they are ever likely to tell you or many would ever eventually discover or uncover, would point out that in nearly all cases is the vastly superior government stuff that very few folk would know anything about, supplied and maintained by a very private and/or secretive pirate sector.

Whenever nothing is ever as it seems, is everything quite different from what is widely considered usual and normal.



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