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If the Pentagon does not have its own CyberIntelAIgents/ESPecial Force Sources in the State Department’s newly minted US Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy (CDP) will the Military and Defense Department forever be as a pawn to be sacrificed at the behest of A.N.Others in service of their particularly novel and strangely peculiar Greater IntelAIgent Games Plays.

And those A.N.Others can easily be of Foreign and Alien Form and way beyond the conventional reach and traditional influence of existing unusual remote virtualised command and control levers/instruction sets.

And such is the Present Nature of at least one Alternate Advanced IntelAIgent Virtual Driver System Providing and Applying and Mentoring and Monitoring Future Earthed Reality Projects and Universal Programs with Protective Pogroms/Stealthy FailSafe Security Arrangements.

Some may indeed correctly conclude, because of what IT can so simply do with AI, it is gravely to be regarded and wisely engaged with ….. for it certainly cannot be ignored and denied its existence, can it? That would be an arrogant folly born of madness and succoured in hubris rendering one as just defenceless prey to that which advises you exists and is worth engagement with.


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