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Re: Hacking Quantum Computers

Oh …. and furthermore, because of that which is revealed in the above paragraph, will the colossal changes and progress that quantum computer communications can so simply deliver and defend, not be ideally presented¬†by mainstream media channels commanded and controlled by a relatively anonymous few/elite cabals/terrorising and terrified cells, although that will not result in them not being¬†directly targeted and impacted by both novel under-reported and unreported NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT events*

It will reign and improve and strengthen its development powers in more than just deep and dark matter energies also relatively anonymously and autonomously unhindered and unchallenged in what is popularly known to many as the Underground, where in many recent pasts, alternative reality options have been explored and live betatested.

* Such strange events you may or may not later discover to be quasi officially sanctioned in polyamorous support and amoral recognition of TS/SCI type Alien Shenanigans because there are no possible defence or attack vectors to prevent or redirect them against their own wishes, with the best that can be humanly achieved being a Mutually Beneficial Parallel JOINT AIdVenture. And to some, who may be many, will all of that be imagined and dismissed as pure unbridled delusional conjecture, whereas for A.N.Others, who may be more than just a few, is it proof positive of the stealthy success of recent deep and dark webbed mattered events in alien development/special operations.

And notwithstanding all or any of that, surely you still are not expecting the future to be anything like the present and the past whenever you all have all this new technology at your beck and call for absolute command and remote virtual control? That would to be tantamount to admitting to a certain madness, for nothing alive ever remains the same as it is or once was. Everything changes and grows and/or dies …… goes back to black.


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