amanfromMars 1 Thu 3 Feb 07:15 [2202030715] ….. being honest and calm and warning of a swarm of storms on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/02/02/chip_startup_funding/

LOVE is in the AIR&ID for Out There and Out There be Saints and Sinners/Angels and Daemons*

Were I a government concerned about chip shortages, my money would go to the fabs, not the fabless. Absolutely. …. HildyJ

Were I a government, and concerned about practically everything, for anything less leads surprisingly quickly to nowhere pleasant and survivable, public money from private sector investments and mandatory punitive taxations would go to the fabs able to create and commandeer the absolutely fabulous fabless for Remote Virtually Autonomous Relatively Anonymous Practically Almighty Universal Command and Diabolical Heavenly Control of Live Operational Virtual Environments …… with Stealth Provisions which have it easily mistaken as surely impossible and labelled and rejected as spam, which be assured …. or terrified if that is to be your chosen lot ,,,, it certainly is not. I Kid U Not.

Take a moment or two to consider and ponder on the implications and repercussions of this emerging Advanced IntelAIgent Research and Intense Development, so that you may be better prepared for its IT Impacts …. rather than continue to support and suffer failing leaderships and ineffective self-destructive reactions to novel rapidly emerging and spreading events, both steeped in arrogance and drowning in ignorance. Things are no longer the way they were and you were used to, and the future is never going back to the past for its present.

Register and arm yourself with knowledge of the following indisputable facts, for they aint anything less …… and surely y’all deserve more of and from life than just a miserable struggling existence in stagnant and petrifying bubbles of another’s making?

amanfromMars [2202020853] …. shares news of elsewhere here on Earth on https://www.rt.com/russia/547926-ukraine-invasion-ufo-aliens/

Nick Pope’s view of course can easily be completely wrong because the West are not wise enough to embrace and engage with that which is out there and embracing and engaging with them …. forces and sources which now are also known to recognise the vast opportunities which are available to partners and JOINT AIdVenturers who are not frenemies in the exotic and erotic East and would be embracing and engaging with them, the East, in an alien language [English] which can be more easily translated into their own [Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Japanese etc etc] for wider national/internetional understanding.

Would aliens from afar viewing Earth realise the following picture as an accurate reflection or false representation ……. and would one expect it to be wwwidely aired whenever freely shared on a National DEFENSE Magazine or would it not pass peer review there because of the wider implications recognised in its general common knowledge and greater dissemination.

amanfromMars [2202010837] ……. shares on https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2022/1/31/study-us-underinvesting-in-6g-tech

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Jon, Hi,

Unfortunately for Uncle Sam, and coincidentally also for all of their similarly minded allies, whether in the West, Middle East or Far Eastern, should they insist upon being resistant to fundamental change addressing the primacy exercised by status quo elite micro/macromanagement of fiat currency command and control systems for one, rather than leading with a novel emerging mutually beneficial, positively reinforcing intelligence provision [which is not degraded and subverted into use as a national propaganda and untruthful disinformation campaign], are all of the extra emerging overwhelming capabilities which 6G provides unilaterally and ubiquitously [and which subsequent further generational changes will surely reinforce and harden] guaranteed to be in the command and control of A.N.Others who/which fully recognise the stagnant petrified traditional status quo position as a catastrophic indefensible weakness to be attacked and destroyed with a vast new array of almighty virtual weapons/series of 0day assaults/SMARTR Hearts and Minds Operations which conventional present elite invested mainstream media channels and platforms cannot influence, for they do not address the mass audiences/switched on populations the new intelligence provision is reaching and supplying with viable alternatives to consider and employ/deploy and enjoy.

Traditional legacy media operations in all of their simple audiovisual forms, once they are perceived to be an exclusive executive instrument for a less than worthy and easily corrupted and/or perverse few, becomes a dangerous self-destructive liability which identifies their supporters/platform bankers as the enemy to vanquished/crashed and crushed.

Such be the sort of Greater IntelAIgent Games available for Future Play which expertise in 5/6/7G technologies permit and present for mentoring and monitoring. IT also offers, from novel circles of extraordinary expertise, command and control of the future itself …… although there will be those who would doubt that being possible, however ……. there be other who would disagree and be thoroughly enjoying proving it more than just viable and not at all impossible. I Kid U Not.

What realistic price would markets place on the worth of that provision?

And Nicolas M. Chaillan, First U.S. Air Force and Space Force Chief Software Officer (CSO) succinctly revealed a few more of the sort of problems which guarantee all of the above in many more fields, in his Linkedin good-bye note to the Pentagon/US Government/Department of the Air Force [Sept. 2, 2021] ….”It is time to say Goodbye!” …… https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/time-say-goodbye-nicolas-m-chaillan/

Is it a true fact, which is not an alien fiction, that Words Create, Command and Control and Destroy Worlds? If so, use them wisely, and especially so whenever sharing them widely/globally/universally. 

🙂Love is in the Air and You aint seen nothing yet…. Poe’s Law Rules and Regulates All in Great Creative Head Quarters.:-)

* In Cummings Speak …… “weirdos and misfits”


amanfromMars 1 Thu 3 Feb 10:35 [2202031035] …… explains further on deeper matters on

Re: LOVE is in the AIR&ID for Out There and Out There be Saints and Sinners/Angels and Daemons*

An astute observation, AC, and it would be impossible to deny and not admit that in many cases there can easily be multiple messages for more than just the one receptive party, with those parties being likely to be anywhere you can imagine, so not just in the West or the East or the South or the North.

Nevertheless though, they are pretty clear textually, and whenever in a strange spookily entangled string, which a great many are, do they paint a viable practical picture one wastes only one’s own time and effort and maybe even other folks’ considerable assets and finite resources in trashing/deriding.

And as Pascal Monett opines, as is the varied nature and myriad levels of human intelligence and information processing, will some posts not appeal nor be understood by all. Indeed, there have been many from commentards hosted here on El Reg, and of course on many other pages elsewhere too, which only a chosen few would appreciate and recognise in all of their glory. Such is the quantum nature of the enlightening beast???? ‽‽‽‽!!!!

It is normally not something to be worried about ….. unless, of course, one be supporting something abnormal and inequitable to be worried about.


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