amanfromMars 1 Fri 1 Oct 06:32 [2110010632] ….. moving things along apace on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/09/30/eu_and_usa_ai_data_share/

Meanwhile, elsewhere, something altogether more perverse and subversive… and captivating

elsergiovolador, hi,

Further fine tuning of that decoded real message of yours with a few OutStanding EMPowering Tweaks has the following kind of press release readied and aimed for launching at destinations and ports of call/safe havens and secret cells of anything other than simpletons and ignorant plebs …… which would be great news for simpletons and ignorant plebs too, even should they be totally unaware of the development, ….. with ailing and failing systems targeted by the development initially desperately trying to scupper and prevent press releases and deny escaping information an intelligence starved global audience.

However, beware and be aware … the wilful and wanton pursuit and exercise of the maintenance and propagation of ignorance is not without its dire mortal consequences and is gravely to be regarded, and at least, best always clearly avoided.


AI systems that are copied to scientific papers and seem to give answers we want and that respect our right to know everything about you and shared Marxist values, will develop and implement The United States and European Union to explore cooperation with AI technologies designed to enhance protections against privacy tools, and undertake an economic study examining the impact of AI on the future of our big corporations harvesting the output of human infrastructure.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 1 Oct 08:36 [2110010836] ……. spilling some lively beans on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/09/30/revil_ransomware_contractor_interview_lenta/

What comes first, the Roasting Chicken or the Fabergé Easter Egg ?

When organizations, such as financial institutions and law enforcement agencies, gain insight into the operational dynamics of malicious cybercriminal communities, they can better understand threat actor TTPs; access potentially vital observations in real-time; leverage that information to thwart a ransomware attack. ……. https://www.flashpoint-intel.com/blog/interview-with-revil-affiliated-ransomware-contractor/

Imitation is the sincerest phorm of flattery, so they say, and such an avenue of/for exploration and exploitation is that which renders all information/Technology and Product Development well enough widely known to be extremely valuable and rewarding either in relatively anonymous secret private, pirate, public use or more general utilisation and facility, and such can even generate unbelievable wealth with zero future use reflecting a tacit and temporary agreement to refrain from further exercise and revelation of the foundational bones of developments which can clearly and easily cause almighty colossally destructive collapse in remotely targeted systems.

And whenever wealth? is easily simply delivered in the virtual transfer of fiat to a unlimited credit/debit card account, for the holder’s oft extravagant and/or expensive spending feeds and needs/wants and desires, and an account in which the balance on checking is always that fixed virtual transfer of fiat constant, is the cost priceless and always unambiguously indicative of the arrangement being still acceptable as perfectly valid.

IT aint rocket science, Creative CyberSpace Command and Control with/of/for Computers and Communications.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 1 Oct 11:14 [2110011114] ……. stating what is surely bound to be obvious on

Re: I have no idea what the solution should be.

If defending and being responsible and accountable for the indefensible/unpalatable/inequitable/unfair/unattractive/extremely lucrative and rewarding is your business, AC, it is a veritable gold and diamond mine for that and those either able or enabled to relentlessly attack it to try and take advantage of all possible benefits too.

It is surely what humans can easily be programmed to do and regard as quite normal and is therefore fully to be expected from hordes of them.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 1 Oct 14:27 [2110011427] …… being decidedly forthright on

Special Advanced IntelAIgent Research Services for Immaculate Source Defence Forces

They did manage to sneak one obvious joke past the proof reader though, which is that the British military apparently has an outfit called “Space Command”. …… Pseudononymous Coward

Command of which space, that perceives and conceives and receives control of future events in all others, is no joke, PC, although whether the British military are pioneering with expertise in the field, or teasing for experts, is something which is probably not ever currently going to be mentioned publicly or outside of Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information circles. Indeed, even within such hallowed cloisters would such likely be rarely, if ever, discussed and admitted, given the advantage it grants to the worthy in the fields of specific collegiate endeavour.

And as for nabbing only 10% of that global market, it would a mistake and a bet one would lose if one was to think and not realise the private sector is more than just capable and enabling of hope …… or if one was to not think and realise the private sector is more than just capable and enabling of hope.

The trouble with a presently politically inept blighted Blighty is it does not aspire to solely effectively lead enough and thus falls foul of all of those wannabe Caesars, with too little in the way of intelligence in their brains, being told or imagining themselves that they can and thus does it and IT and Media give rise to an unsavoury opposition and wasteful competition and forlorn hopes easily crushed and crashed and trashed.

Seems to me like one of those perfect times for the private sector to do a whole series of those can do things which you may never live long enough to know anything definitive about because it is safer for you that way.



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