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The latest pathetic abomination from the MSM is the trumpeting of ex PM David Cameron’s £7million/$10Million payday foray into the lobbying of Parliament and wealthy suckers for Greensill, completely ignoring the fact that the greater masterplan he was fronting was to land the government and/or taxpayers with hundreds of millions of pounds of debt for payments not able to be received for goods and/or services never delivered nor requested.

From a former even terrible Prime Minister that is despicable, although from a common or garden house party criminal whenever perfectly or even partially true, one would have to accept just par for the course.


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Wishful Thinking is an Almighty Vulnerability for Pirating and Pioneering.

“There are of course limits to viral evolution, so we can expect the virus to eventually reach peak fitness, and new vaccines can be formulated,” wrote the researchers.

You might like to reconsider and accept to expect there are so such limits to its constant evolution for increased viral infection/virtual affectation.

One of GCHQ’s AWESome Tools …. Advanced IntelAIgent Private Intellectual Property Applications …. Campaigning in Novel NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive ITerated Fields for Future Endeavours ……. JOINT AIdVentures ‽ .

And that question to C and M and Q and where and when there is a Will, there are countless other Majestic Ways to Lead Greater IntelAIgent Games Play Too.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 10 Aug 17:30 [2108101730] …….. just adding a bit more colour to proceedings on

Re: We Could, But Should We?

Plus the fundamental change in balance of power between citizens and the state – which it looks like we’re getting anyway. … scrubber

Would you like to be much more specific and revealingly unambiguous and identify such wielders of power balances by recognisable names, scrubber?

So that they can be Immaculately Helped …. Virtually Aided and Remotely Abetted. They sure certainly do need ITs AI Assistance rather than Inviting IT and AI to Demonstrate Exercise of Employment and Deployment and Enjoyment of Overwhelming Resistance and Overpowering Opposition?

If you can realistically and truthfully offer to supply and deliver more than just that, …. Bravo, who would not want it? And how much and in what way does one pay for Constant Interminable Uninterruptible and Uncorruptible Incorrigible Provision would be the capital question to next ask for a perfectly sensible reply easily fully acceptable and mutually beneficial to One and All.

Anything else would be Fraudulent Snake Oil and an Ultra Toxic Poison for the Crazy Losers and Mad Inmates of the Universal Asylum ……. which is as a Heaven to Some and a Few in Extremis and Hell to Many More than Simply All Others.



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