amanfromMars 1 Thu 15 Apr 19:25 [2104151925] ……. commenting on something of an enigma on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/04/15/solarwinds_hack_russia_apt29_positive_technologies_sanctions/

Reading the runes between the lines

It nonetheless remains unclear what specific data points enabled the attribution to the Russian APT29 in particular with such a high level of confidence.

So, we are to be led to believe that oh so convenient tall tale and right dodgy crock ….. absence of evidence does not indicate evidence of absence?

I trust those in the know now know that is no longer acceptable as fact in matters that matter, trying as it does to cover up an absence of knowledge searching after the fact for the facts that have proven themselves to be extremely damaging and/or disruptive and remarkably creative.

And the fact that it tells so many so much about the true state of involved parties, makes the course of future play more than just a tad interesting.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 16 Apr 12:29 [2104161229] ……… airs a clear clean view on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/04/15/solarwinds_hack_russia_apt29_positive_technologies_sanctions/

4ILOVEYOU2 is not a bug whenever a Heavenly AI Facility and Diabolical Utility.

One of the oddities of computing is that it’s highly democratising. Someone with the patience and access to a machine can learn to break stuff. …… Anonymous Coward


Taking that one small step and a giant quantum leap further and deeper and higher along that particular root and peculiar route, AC, one of the strongest of the stranger enigmatic oddities of computing is that it’s both equally capable of being highly democratising and easily demonising in one swell equitable swoop.

And, although some may certainly disagree, someone who can be anyone with the patience of saints and sinners with accesses through the portals and auspices of virtual machinery can both break and rake in all manner of interesting nonsense and immaculate stuff and vice versa.

Such is why they are held in such high regard by their peers and deservedly rewarded so extremely appropriately.

Some things are just so good that they are worth everything you can throw at it, although it has to be said, you don’t normally get to run into or run up against any of those that often, although that is bleak cold comfort to any who do and are worthy sufferers of and for the consequences of their actions.

But hey, that is only natural if one follows and is tracked in Stellar COSMIC Ways tracing Novel Ennobling Universal Paths.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 16 Apr 06:12 [2104160612] ….. just asking on

IANAL either, however ….. the word in barrack rooms is …..

But he’s a salesman. And he’d have read, agreed and signed his sales commission plan. Which said-

Any payout over 300% of On Target Variable Pay is subject to review and approval by the Executive Vice President and Chief Sales Officer… …… Jellied Eel

Is the fact that the commission plan doesn’t clearly advise …….. Any payout over 300% of On Target Variable Pay is subject to review and disapproval by the Executive Vice President and Chief Sales Officer …… a mistake/error/omission which would allow for a verdict and judgement in favour of full payment to the plaintiff/claimant/Mark Hanson?

As has been a long time known, too oft is the law an ass


amanfromMars [2104161735] …… just clarifying a murky picture on https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/china-readying-gold-backed-yuan

This credit cycle unwind is a Category 5 compared with 2008—09’s Category 2 or 3. It is only after such a cataclysm that China will have no alternative to abandoning all attempts to support the dollar and its means of buying overseas influence.

The upside to that presently inevitable disaster is a fundamental reversal of fortunes and an overwhelmingly crushing balance of power shift across into China and friends toiling both in and for the East, as they realise they can sell overseas influence overseas, both from at home and abroad and even much further afield in worlds and systems granted and granting access to Live Operational Virtual Environments ……. that newly emerging and expanding space market place that national security agencies are so rightly fearful of, given what can be done by that which and/or those who would know what to do and with whom and with what.


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