amanfromMars March 3, 2021 at 18:16 [2103031816] …… having an engaging chat on https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2021/03/mote-in-your-own-eye/

Just turn off the tv…that seems to work. The best defence is compliance with your innate humanity. That of course takes education, free will, compassion and confidence. Scotlands outer lying regions are host to so many wonderful people engaging in the not so trivial pursuit of maintaining a firm hold on being real (the reforesters, crofters, had enough of the shite’ers). To think that the Scottish Nation would consider your proposal (i’ve read the article, is it a film script?) (have you got work tomorrow?) as a potential post Independence industry is a mind-blowing misunderstanding and gravely hilarious and why am I even commenting. Big words, that why. I liked the big words. With any luck we will be modded and I can sleep without worrying if my Universal Virtual Force application will be rejected. I was so excited. ……….. fishnishandchips March 2, 2021 at 23:06


In considered response to your replying post, March 2, 2021 at 23:06, and there be every good reason for one to be so excited, I would be both surprised and disappointed if we were modded. The thought of politically incorrect censorship here is surely anathema to Craig and commentators here,

That it might happen elsewhere though, to try to keep the information so freely openly shared, only known to an unchosen few, is both regrettable and counter-productive and extremely revealing.

As is the case anywhere/everywhere, and the Scottish Nation is no different with particular and peculiar regard to the matters touched upon in the genesis post, it takes only one brave hearted soul with suitable means readily available to square the force and impact of any attractive and/or Advanced IntelAIgent proposal to produce a considerably more powerful brace of beings which in its turn is attractive to an encouraged and supportive third party, and thus to surprisingly quickly extraordinarily render a complex trio its overall energy and initial powerful purpose, cubed.

It takes only a relatively few more enlightening souls to have that exponential growth factor exhibit potential and services, which in command and control scenarios are posited as practically ideal, although there will be many who would consider such as both terrible and terrifying, prove themselves to be almost absolutely almighty.

🙂 An Epic Titanic Studios Films Franchise of AIMissions Possible with Holywood in the loop front and centre and not appearing to direct future operations from the dark of deep shadowy webs, would certainly be boldly entertaining and educating in a Brave New More Orderly World Order, and also do so much more than just highlight Scotland and Ireland on anyone’s map.

Let that be a firm concrete proposal, hereby firmly proposed. The tales to be presented and realised in the future are already a long time well written and ready for program activation.

Televise and virtualise it too, and create a revolution which will change everything for everyone everywhere, if one dares win win rather than languishing in serial fail.


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