amanfromMars [2102271243] …… just saying, so no one can claim ignorance of such a matter, on https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/coming-space-race

It is naive and can be exceedingly dangerous to not imagine and think there be not many new areas of universal competition for opposition to contemplate extraordinarily rendering a zone of conflict for the exercise of the mayhem and madness that entertains the maniacs and lunatics seeking to profit from war and destruction rather than anything else more creative and constructive which is also so freely available and affordable.

Here be a current example of such a new area …..

GrahamC [2102161631]  …… just saying out loud and clear on https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2021/2/26/spending-on-quantum-tech-on-the-upswing

The persistent and abiding difficulty and almighty hurdle which all are presented with in their engagement with quantum, in all or any of its phorms and iterative media, is that it never plays well with that which is used to deceive and misinform, although its use as sublimely stealthy security asset to conceal and/or disguise, is without equal or overwhelming peer …….. hence its emerging universal attraction.

Its “mastery” is without a shadow of doubt, a fundamental,radical Great Game Changer. And whilst some worthy may find that certainly terrifying and highly disruptive, others would realise it an almighty creative tool that does not suffer the fool and their untenable global games with imperious imperial aims.


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