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Food for Thought on Needs and Feeds and Seeds Playing Better Defence with SMARTR* Attacks

Some things are way beyond plugging and mending. Whenever that is realised as inescapable fact rather than dismissed as fanciful fiction, one imagines they be agreeably incorporated and accommodated for the greater benefit of the many as opposed to it being ignored and resulting in catastrophic detriment to the previously thought almighty anonymous few.

And one is always overwhelmingly vulnerable to surprise mega 0day exploits/novel unexpected events in already dire distressed situations if one is not prepared to accept that future proprietary intellectual property fare is totally different from past gross domestic product now being insolvently traded in present bankrupt exclusive executive administrations desperately seeking relief and release.

With that in mind, and the need to play a better defense, here is something somewhat new to gnaw at and ruminate on ……

GrahamC [2101222039] ……revealing a massive security secret hole breached for plugging and mending/monitoring and mentoring on https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2021/1/22/biden-prodded-to-take-muscular-approach-to-cybersecurity

The United States is especially vulnerable because its economy and military are so dependent on information technology networks, analysts say.

Other analysts, more expert and experienced in the virtual field, would reveal that the United States
is especially vulnerable because its economy and military are so dependent on certain sensitive information NOT being shared on technology networks, neither friend or foe/ally or enemy. And that’s a considerably greater danger practically impossible to counter and prevent if one encounters a smarter opponent intent on it being so.

In days of yore, Danegeld was gladly paid to such a scourge to escape the guaranteed carnage/latter day rape and pillage. One imagines it still a viable current solution and attractive immediately readily available initial option nowadays too.

* …. SMARTR Mentoring Analysis Reporting Titanic Research


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