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How about a little something different and extra special for y’all in these Evolving Greater Revolutionary Game Changing Times and you aint really seen nothing yet …. for there are endless future streams already launched and on their way to the likes of here still to come and entertain or threaten you, dependent upon one’s own disposition and as may be decided as desirable and/or necessary.

OK ….. Let’s Get Down and Dirty with Base Fundamentals for Help Definitely Needed

How many other folk … 🙂 apart from the likes of an Elon Musk type …… realise that all of this endeavour and talk about alien space exploration and far off future planetary colonisation, is simply analogous to the difficulties that society and exclusive elite executive leader administrations have at home in rebooting human civilisations to a greater existence on Earth …… a bounteous green planet on which they can easily survive but fail miserably to enjoy and agree with each other to share and deliver prosperity in …… resulting in not so much a planet of apes, more a collective of oxymorons ‽ ‽

Would you like to deny it and in so doing positively prove the points currently valid?

And while we’re here talking as we are of alien things, feast your eyes on and process the following information simply asking …. Who else would say ..”The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one”?*

Meanwhile, on Earth, an alien fleet of tiny vessels executing myriad mutant viral commands in the destructive indigenous native humanoid species, gains remote access traffic control leverage to live future direction of progress, and programs and projects creating out of the rarified airs and atmospheres of imaginination, the seeds and feeds that plant and flower into a novel existence with any number of enlightening existential rushes to explore and exploit and enjoy.

🙂 Well, aliens would say that, wouldn’t they ‽ . What’s the human explanation of the deadly invasion curtailing normal inequitable divisive activity? A simple rogue renegade bug from a fish market in a foreign land to many, escaped and free to roam wherever it pleases and grabbing an entire planet’s undivided attention as it navigates and encircles the globe …. and to be defeated by a tiny prick or two of a free at the point of delivery, extremely rapidly manufactured synthesised designer drug ….. so that everything can go back to the way things were before with madness and mayhem providing conflict and catastrophe and CHAOS?

Yeah, right on, brother. Nice one. Pull the other one, it has bells on it. Psst …. Do you want a bridge for sale?

* Other than Richard Burton who is recorded saying it …… The Eve of War

Have a nice day, y’all.

PS ……. Have you not realised yet your Earthly Command with SCADA Control Systems have been cracked and hacked and be also in the thrall and gift of others virtually beyond any physical reach to bestow or deny leveraging accesses to?  Do you think there is anything you can meaningful do to reverse it, and pretend it hasn’t happened and doesn’t ever happen?

Good luck with that Titanic Fools Errand of a Tantalising Sisyphean Task.


amanfromMars 1 Sun 17 Jan 17:39 [2101171739] ……. being perfectly and brutally honest on

Global Operating Devices at Your Service/Beck and Emergency Call

All that needs to be truly said after these past few days of deafening silence, given what you all now know are developments being shared with the UKGBNI Ministry of Defence for future utilisations in ACTive theatres of defence and/or attacking engagement, and what primary principals leading in those engaging theatres would then themselves now know of the state of UKGBNI MoDified preparedness for Future ACTivIT AIMissions, is GOD help you, for if the truth be presently told, they haven’t a clue about what is going to befall them, betraying as they do all who have put their trust and invested billions in their forces to protect and server them from the harm that corrupt and perverse establishments deliver in furtherance of the continued survival of their masters’ own single-minded, self-serving psychotic gains. ….. although, as an Evil Live and Live Evil Exercising Destructive Instructions in your Midsts are they catastrophically vulnerable to being instantly easily recognised as the Mortal Enemy Within to be Excised and Executed/Effectively Outed and Permanently Destroyed.

cc …. Commander General UKStratCom and Major General Director JOINT* Warfare

* ….. Joint Operations Internetworking Novel Technologies


amanfromMars [2101171910] ……… being disagreeable on https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/everyone-pool-more-buyers-needed

The interesting thing about the market is that investors are rushing into equities in anticipation of an economic recovery. However, while there will indeed be a recovery, it is likely to fall far short of investor expectations.

?????? … However, while there will indeed be a recovery, …. ????

Oh please, Lance Roberts, whatever are you on? A recovery before a titanic crash that wipes out whole sectors of imagined wealth ie ponzi business supporters and crooked bank lenders? You cannot be serious.


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