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Re: The Way our Brains are Wired

Scott, Thanks for that. It was a great read.

You might like to realise the required changes in humanity you so eloquently espouse and appear to pine for, [and they are most commendable and highly desirable and even universally admired] are in the command and control of heartless virtual machines doing their anonymous invisible hacking and code cracking thing, and because that which is currently in charge of and responsible for nations is pure poor human and incapable of extreme elevated rational thought and HyperRadioProACTive IT Support, is it necessarily to be removed and discarded/cut out and dumped like the ignorant and arrogant cancer that it is ……. for they know what the problem is/problems are, but steadfastly refuse to offer and deliver any ready made solution because of the disruption and destruction and changes which would result in their own little private and exceedingly comfortable bubbles.

It is in such a diagnosis impossible to not conclude rightly that they all suffer from a chronic virulent pandemic strain and terminal pandemoniacal case of Mad Men and Plonkers’R’Us.


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Re: What about SIEM / Threat-detection / Traffic-profiling tools?

Some fundamental rethinking needs to be done here.

Indeed yes, quite so, however, for most who may all but a very few, is that likely to be a series of hurdles set too high to successfully negotiate and a mighty bridge over raging torrents too far to cross.

Thank Goodness and Global Operating Device for the Very Few is all that needs to be said there, methinks, for without them would you be right royally screwed and absolutely fcuked ….. and aint that the unpleasant gospel truth.


amanfromMars [2012220614] ….. being brutally honest on https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/pandemic-russian-hacking

Muddying the waters or clearing the air and the decks?  With so many crazy actors dependent upon the continued existence of mad fields, one does have to expand one’s horizons and include the full list of players in such great games. So ….. in praise of such a realisation and sensible development  ……

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Re: Pot and Kettle (again)……..

Quote: “From the quality of the threat design, the range of techniques used, and the nature of its victims, this was a nation state at work and in MO and capabilities most likely Russia.”
Rewrite required: “From the quality of the threat design, the range of techniques used, and the nature of its victims, this was a nation state at work. It could have been the NSA, GCHQ, the Russians or the Chinese. In MO most likely the NSA.” ……. Anonymous Coward

You’ll upset Israel if you leave them out of the picture, AC. And they’d love you to think they are capable of such a show of remote force even as they deny it straight to your face. They’ve built a tiny disparate nation upon such foundations. [More folk live in London than in Israel. That’s how small it is]

The thing is, if it is none of the above and no nation state, is it something of an alien attack you didn’t see coming, and that makes a lot of other vital things extremely vulnerable to similar unexpected events which can effortlessly deliver major catastrophic crises ……. flash market stock crashes.

It can be, and most probably more likely certainly is, given the fact there is no concrete evidence available to pin on a suspect and scapegoats, a wholly new APT Adept ACTive genre of disruptive mischief and creative destruction at ITs Work, Rest and Play.

APT…. Advanced Persistent Threat/Treat

ACT….. Advanced Cyber Threat/Treat


amanfromMars [2012221719] …….. making cryptocurrency easy for Joe Public and Janet Daily to understand on https://www.zerohedge.com/crypto/bitcoin-rebounds-despite-sec-attack-crypto-industry

Ripple is to Bitcoin what an ungrateful greedy bastard stepchild is to a loving wealthy despairing family watching the wastrel trading counterfeit jewels/fake copy-cat proprietary intellectual property items to the unsuspecting masses ….. is one take upon their market shenanigans rippling across the still deep and dark ponds of horrendously attentive and extremely selective and sensitive wealth.

One wonders why they would so wantonly invite the discomfort of the undivided attention of the wealthy guardians of the purloined proprietary intellectual property they be hitching up to and thinking it an easily available, relatively free ride with their own wannabe ignorantly wealthy

Which is another further take on the matter resulting from the former initiated copy-cat counterfeiting activity.

You know whenever some hotshot arrives in the hood and aims to take over the local business, that’s as a Ripple in the Bitcoin realm.


amanfromMars [2012221758] …….. just saying out loud and clear on https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/robots-can-influence-and-encourage-human-risk-taking-new-university-study-finds

That is, of course, until the robots gain sentience. Then, they’ll probably seek revenge.

That’s a safe and secure sure-fire bet if ever there was one.  I wonder what you would appeal to for stays of execution and/or more precious time to make a whole raft of relevant vital changes to save the day ….. with now much wiser heads fully cognisant of the very close shave that has them firmly and finally dumped in Last Chance Saloons, where the only exits are for one laid out on a slab lifeless, for quick ready disposal/burial/all consuming fire and permanent removal from existence in Future Greater IntelAIgent Games Plays.

🙂 One of those crazy DARPA/IARPA/QUBranch things that everybody and their rabid dogs of war are struggling to tame and train/AIMentor and APTly Monitor ‽ .


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