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Re: “Meanwhile the big money and power rolls on unabated.”

“Meanwhile the big money and power rolls on unabated.”…. Robert D Bank

…… And while people think that way it always will. …… John Smith 19

One is then fortunate not all think that way, and many can think altogether quite differently, and whenever based upon all the freely available evidence, can it prove to be really problematical and deeply disruptive, with many thinking that to be a massive understatement and gross misunderestimation ……

“Support remains essential for some time—withdrawing it too early risks grave and unwarranted economic harm.” …… IMF Confirms Massive Stimulus Ahead Globally

Grave and unwarranted economic harm would not be the major concern of some, who may in turn be many and more than just a few in league and cosy concert with the Few.

Withdrawing essential support at any time risks a popular uprising and FrancoRusso style revolution with bankers and profit market traders the most likely immediately highly sought after targets for mob attention.

Are you going to deny that profit, that which underpins and undermines everything in the fiat capitalist system, is both money/reward paid and earned for nothing? And it perversely supernaturally makes everything everywhere inevitably inflated and too expensive to sell or purchase.  And yet it is treated like a god and a must-have good, whenever it is so obviously an extremely self-destructive bad.

If the basics/foundations are wrong, the structures built upon them will certainly collapse and invariably incredibly quickly and catastrophically. It is only natural and therefore fully to be expected. 

Do you have trouble seeing that?


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Re: How the Elite use Attila and the Witch Doctor to keep Power

Joe, the Elite don’t/can’t use Attila and the Witch Doctor to keep Power, no matter how much they might like to, because it so comforts them and allows them the freedom to do pretty much all as they might wish, they are instead vulnerable to them because they rely totally upon them to retain and maintain their remote virtually invisible command and practical physical control.

And that should keep them up at night, terrified of the consequences and repercussions of their actions that have been so reliant upon such remaining the prevalent universal status quo arrangement/perceived inviolate reality.



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