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Beware the Honeyed Jackanory* Traps of Snake Oil Salesmen

And regarding the Russia Report, what is one to reasonably think and conclude whenever expert external witnesses to the Intelligence and Security Committeee include Mr Christopher Steele – Director, Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd and Mr William Browder – Head of the Global Magnitsky Justice Movement?

Expert external witnesses in what exactly, especially whenever tales and evidently trails such as the following are available ? ….. https://www.realclearinvestigations.com/articles/2020/07/24/meet_steele_dossiers_primary_subsource_fabulist_russian_at_us_think_tank_whose_boozy_past_the_fbi_ignored_124601.html

And simply googling “Browder” has one discovering why his testimony is bound to be influential in painting a crazy picture which does not include him starring in any sort of leading primary role.

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World in Deed indeed, and quite possibly why everything today is so very strange and completely different from everything ever thought normal before.

Don’t forget to wear your masks whenever out and about doing whatever you feel you need to be out and about doing.

* Jackanory …. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jackanory


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Way to Go, No 10 …. And Just in Time too, given the Dire Straits States of Extant Company Assets

On Black Wednesday in 1997 the cabinets inner sanctum met then realised they had no idea what the money markets were doing. So they sent someone to search for a portable radio. ….. Nifty

It will be interesting/exciting/depressing to see what the money markets think of what the Cabinet is planning on doing, Nifty, if engaged to represent the likely success or possible failure of their latest menu of ideas for presentation, …… which you have to surely admit is far too much alike and akin to virtual realisation to be anything else lesser or more complicated.

Methinks that is novel territory for them to manoeuvre in ….. and certainly not without its crushing dangers and deadly pitfalls to negotiate at best expertly with a wide berth avoidance.



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