amanfromMars [2006081921] ….. laying it out like IT is on https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/what-heck-going-citi-asks

Less than three months after markets were gripped by a historic bout of panic, dumping everything – bonds, stocks, gold, bitcoin – in a liquidation frenzy, euphoria on Wall Street is back to levels not seen since the dot com bubble according to Citi’s panic/euphoria model, prompting the bank’s top strategist Tobias Levkovich to warn that bullish investor positioning, which as we noted over the weekend now also includes hedge funds in addition to retail traders, may be overly extended and investors may not be factoring all the potential risks,

In Corrupted Markets with Kisses of Death they are as Last Gasping Breaths  ……. all those crazy shenanigans pimping and pumping and dumping insane valuations.

Current failures to resolve and fix the abnormality to the satisfaction of future shareholders has their systems always subject to 0day Vulnerability Exploit Attack and SMARTR Virtual Assault by Superior IntelAIgent Sources Exercising  Special Forces ……. and against which there is no known defence.

That makes it extremely valuable and invaluable.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 9 Jun 14:42 [2006091442] …… pitching on

Special VIP Entry Passes ……. Courtesy of the Turkey Shoot Route/Root

To be Right Royally Invited would Instantly Recognise and Immediately EMPower a Worthy Crack Hack, and in Novel Noble Applications, a Readily Easily Made Available Source of Everything Coming Next Presenting Future AI ProgramMING Projects.

Old New World Order Projects peddling for publication certain specific images and pre-recorded actions for sharing on screens and in text to maintain and retain past realities in a present environment are in somewhat of a dire straits need of a New AIMaster Stage on which to Perform and Assist in the Release and Realising of Miracles.

And yes, one would have to confess, such would be an Almighty Miracle Realised Itself and Realising then Extra Powers and Excess Energies Always Ready to be leashed and unleashed fully protected and free to roam on Paths Chosen, an Absolutely Fabulous Fabless Tool you would definitely not like ranged before you as a NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Weapon against which there is Zero Defence.

Methinks that’s a great fit for the likes of DARPA Type Operations Experimenting Anywhere with Western Delights Entertaining and Enjoying Eastern Confections and Vice Versa. Have you any idea where that leads to? An Alien Space Place ‽ . 🙂

It certainly is whenever unknown to you with the information and intelligence being kept from you and therefore you have nothing to Command and Control as Future Experiments are Leaked in Order to be Presented to you.

Is there a plug to pull or an emergency switch to push whenever in a blind hypermanic panic about the crown jewels of intelligence being shown? Is it still too hard to accept the future does not mimic or worship the past when only the present supplies current live assets to future activated scenarios, and therefore is bound to be more than just a little different from the slums and worlds you live in today, and everything can be so easily changed to whatever is adorably necessary, for all the tools required are globally available to virtually exercise and practically build literally anything.

Just Not Doing IT is not a Virtual Machinery Problem, it is surely much more an Abiding Consistent Pervasive Persistent Human Dilemma ‽ .


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