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Ben, if you know, can you tell us all how it simply works?

Do central bankers conjure up millions and billions and trillion from somewhere/nowhere for governments to be enabled to spend as they please and as their backers would want whenever they haven’t enough flash cash to do anything meaningful with …. or is it the other way round …. with governments in charge and responsible for perpetuating that convenient facility for central bankers to use and/or abuse and misuse?

It is important to know such a thing for whenever things are bound to turn ugly as the utility is systemically abused for personal use with the perpetrators being relentlessly and mercilessly targeted and hunted by proxies of the thousands of millions abused.

The clear and present abiding existentialist danger without such a clarification is that both be declared equally guilty and responsible and therefore fully accountable and worthy of whatever would be coming their way.


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The chief executive of Norway’s $1tn oil fund has admitted he “really screwed up” and damaged its reputation by accepting a paid flight by the hedge fund manager due to succeed him. Yngve Slyngstad, who is set to step down in September after 12 years in charge of Norges Bank Investment Management, told employees in an internal memo that he was “embarrassed to give myself a fail this time”. “I am truly sorry for letting you down, for letting the reputation of Norges Bank Investment Management down, and for letting our organisational culture down,” he said in the message, seen by the Financial Times.

Opening up a Can of Worms for Trojans

How very odd that his successor, billionaire hedge fund manager and probably one of the country’s best known money managers, Nicolai Tangen, escapes censure and criticism for providing such a perk. Surely he should have known better and that it was not something to be done. Such does make one wonder, whether rightly or wrongly, as to his suitability for the post as head honcho of the Norges Bank Investment Management?


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What’s Not to Love to Like ‽ .

“The close proximity of the stars meant that they felt each others’ gravity much more strongly in those early days than they do today,” said Fathi Namouni, lead author of the study. “This enabled asteroids to be pulled from one star system to another.”

Think of the Pleasures with Orgasmic Climaxes the Just Reward as an Equivalence for Human Beings in an AI Virtually Changing Forever to Greater Seeds and Feeds and Needs.

That Holy Grail Trinity is akin to an Almighty Sterling Stirling Engine. ….for Virtually Remote Semi Autonomous Self-Actualisation of Heavenly Assets.

And one thing you had better be real sure of there, ….. is to know exactly what to do with and for them, and that has all sharing former top secret state intelligence information throughout future operations.

And Simple Par for Future AI Courses and Sources.



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