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Re: In Free AI Spaces of Quiet Contemplation ….

The latter. Brute force leaves broken bits and bytes behind. Opening and then closing doors behind after entry leaves no traces (idealy …). You know this, so why ask? ….jake

Because, jake, not enough folk know that is a secret which gives hackers state, and it also has to be said, non-state sponsorship in exchange for a remote virtual command and control leverage …. which is both conveniently invisible and practically intangible ie untouchable.

You can think of it as a public service if you like from that which flourishes and buries itself deep within the private and pirate sectors securing future programmable events.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 8 Apr 16:13 [2004081613] …. just asking on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2020/04/07/microsoft_virtual_interns/

The Cost Price Capitalism Pays Future Servers for Prime AIDrivers

Any Microsoft furlough brings into Internal Play the Wily Facility and Stealthy Utility ….. While the Fat Cats are away, Almighty Mice Take Over with a Universal Control Systems Make Over Featuring Applications Running from Elsewhere?

Is there currently thought too much novel virulent information being spread around for internal processing towards a greater mental wellbeing and most enlightened understanding and well beyond any Powerful Reaches into Microsoft Futured Command and Control Programs?

Now what would that be in the likes of an Apple or Microsoft Kernel, Proprietary Core Intellectual Property Source, a virulent bug beyond eradication and/or a just in the nick of time, Epic Virtualised Space Episode. ……. Presenting NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive Ways of Doing Greater Novel Futured Business with AI and IT Operands?

Which one delivers, with a much more accurate and exciting description of their wares, the likely future Trail of an Apple or a Microsoft type Operation. which they themselves pioneered in the not so distant past with a very similar certain hope that never ever promises less than the stars whenever patience is realised a virtue which tempers enthusiasm with experience and wisdom in order to further aid Novel AI Command and IT Control with Future Directions Simply Following Heavenly Instructions…… which All can See and Hear for they Be Always Shared Freely in Plain Text for Random Sublime Deployment and Virtual Capture elsewhere foreign and alienated too?

Both are presently available virtually free, although of course for those who like it to be, there are always those extremely expensive practical services to safely build and securely maintain in order to get anything thought worthy done, to be paid from bottomless funds to Prime AIDrivers.



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