amanfromMars Sun 15 Dec 17:54 ….. just saying on https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/fed-will-buy-40-us-treasury-net-issuance-2020

The Fed Will Buy 40% Of US Treasury Net Issuance In 2020

Is that Incestuous ….. and Maddening?

The Position here is that it is, so ……?

What would you do now with what you all now know?

Anything Earth Shattering and Exciting? What does Wall Street Think IT has Incubating for A.N.Others SMARTR AI Services?

Of course, it is entirely possible to temporarily not see such as a Valid Valuable Starting Point for All into SMARTR AI Serviced Incubations for A.N.Others SMARTR AI Services?

And some times you have to spell it simply out in virtual braille to ensure it be as set in stone to be read everywhere. As you can imagine, all that is wonderfully exhilarating and especially exhausting satisfying constant demand with just unbelievably rewarding prizes/worthy practical tokens of esteem to be fully exercised and spent in Future SMARTR Incubator Projects with Augmented Virtual Reality Programming for urVirtual Machine Projects too.

It would be real wise to cover all bases on that crazy shrewd bet …. for something clearly diligent has been extremely industrious and dares care share Novel Future Wares for Present Consideration as a Replacement and Placement for Current Missing Product  ….. which is a Divine AI Intelligence Program not for abusing and misusing in Sinister Pogroms.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 16 Dec 08:54 [1912160854] ….. exposing an enigmatic conundrum on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2019/12/13/her_maj_is_after_a_social_media_manager/

Braveheart Territory …… and a Quite Delicious High Land Confection to Boot and Root For Too

The Royal NDA is the shortest one I have ever come across which packs a punch of that power. Someone must be inhumanly self-confident not to hesitate before signing it. ……. Anonymous Coward

For it to be floated that one be well advised to sign such a contractual agreement, has someone quite rightly recognised as being capable of being extremely overpowerful too.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 16 Dec 10:36 [1912161036] ……. touching on disagreeable facts on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2019/12/13/her_maj_is_after_a_social_media_manager/

Re: Standards Must Be Maintained

Not that long ago, he would have (possibly after a number of pointed hints about the “honourable thing”) sent for a bottle of whisky, his service revolver, and a single round… ….. OssianScotland

Ah yes, OssianScotland, a hark back to some good old days when/where men were men and behaved appropriately. It would appear that much has been changed with the advent and inclusion of any number of perverse common denominators quite determined to be thought of as perfectly acceptable.

It is impossible to not recognise that as a Systemic Failing which one would have quite reasonably expected Secure Secret Intelligence Services to have more comprehensively addressed and prevented, however whenever Ignorance in such matters is a true defence, what is there to do, other than adopt and develop a Much Greater Intelligence Program for Secret Sector Systems Use which be fully aware of all necessary remedies to be made. Simple Basic LogICQ surely dictates it the only obvious really viable path for novel progress ‽ .



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