amanfromMars [1911220722] ….. just saying on https://sluggerotoole.com/2019/11/21/why-theres-a-problem-in-the-way-the-ni-media-handles-sinn-fein/

It is an entirely reasonable question to ask who actually leads Sinn Féin. If it is in fact the Army Council, then internal democracy is just a public circus and their leaders aren’t leaders at all. If that is the case, we’ll all know where we stand. And so will the electorate.

Mick, surely all political parties are a public circus and their leaders aren’t leaders at all …… and whenever that is the case, you’ll never know where you really stand and neither will the electorate as mainstreaming media continues to present their nonsense as gospel to follow?

You can huff and you can puff and you can blow all you want, but that is the way things are …… you are led and abused and amused by forces and sources exercising nowadays an increasingly tenuous command and control from the deep and dark depth of shady shadows ….. and that is by concerted and conspiratorial intelligent design.

And if a further truth be told, such has probably always been the case since ever the opportunity and facility began.


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