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No Discombobulation Here, please. Shed and Shred it over there. ——–> where it belongs. Thanks

you’re going to hear a lot of evidence about different resellers, whether there were signed agreements on the book… and so on. You’ll probably be struck during the trial by the granularity of much of the material relied on. But Dr Lynch wasn’t involved in any of those discussions.”.

Please clearly explain and expand upon the full meaning of “the granularity of much of the material relied on.

Is that a euphemism for half truths which always have an increasingly rapid and rabid decay built in to discourage or pitilessly punish such Asinine ACTivity?


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Re: No Discombobulation Here, please.

What it means is that well remunerated QCs will focus on tiny bits of detail at length in the hope that the great big things will get overlooked in the text walls. It’s like Parliamentary corruption; ignore the really big stuff like newspaper owners being able to tell governments what to do, focus on duck houses that fill up lots of space in those newspapers. …. Voyna i Mor

Ah yes …… that’s what I was thinking too ……. a corrupted judiciary in the thrall of incestuous reward.

But that only works whenever it is a top secret and generally unknown, Voyna i Mor.

Why ever are they not thinking that their ploys are obvious? Are they compromised and being held to virtual ransom with some unpleasant skeletons in their cupboards?

Or are they missing vital in house intelligence to defeat the subversion?

And how can that be answered in anything other than a resounding YES nowadays.


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Many will tell you … deposit money into any current or savings account and the banks will presume and assume it to be rightfully theirs to do with as they wish.

And the System does not disavow them of that outrageous theft/perverse misappropriation.

It is a fact, nothing valuable is safe from capture and exploitation. Therefore, peddlers of security who would be crazy enough to promise anyone anything otherwise are no more than simple hucksters, fraudulent trading?

And grossly unethically too. It is difficult to not conclude they be designedly and decidedly parasitic.


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