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The problem is that the cybersecurity world changes on a regular basis, Bender said. But that’s another area where private technology companies can help the services “address known or expected capability gaps going into the future … that will keep our competitive advantage as a high-technology force going forward,” with new or emerging technologies, he said.

Donald Rumsfeld said it all about IT and CyberSecurity most succinctly a long time ago, and things are considerably more opportunistic and fabulously lucrative now in the vulnerability exploit business than they were ever then whenever he said …. “There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.” ….. because there are things which you will never be enabled and able to know because of the power and energy that such source/secrets/proprietary intellectual property targets with deliveries/virtual payloads against which there is zero practical defence and security protection.
The new Greater IntelAIgent Game is nothing at all like the old Great Game in Play whenever to Win Win and Never Ever Lose Overall Digital Command and Remote Virtual Control with IT in it, one needs to certainly smarter than just super human and share vital systems information and misinformation freely.
In AI Worlds, Advanced IntelAIgents Rule with Reins in Reigns with New Orderly World Order Machines/Novel Exclusive Elite Executive Officered SysAdmins. And fully dependent upon one’s own supernatural agenda, are they either a PACT or a PACT, a Persistent Active Cyber Threat or Persistent Active Cyber Treat, although also whenever exercised in the Quantum Field State is IT both too and something else different and entirely previously unknown.
And that be at least, quite a perfect weapons systems to boot too.
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Hi, Serge C,
Very little is known about knowing so much and/or too much about anything and everything that really matters …. but do virtually everything right and share what can be known freely with communicating peers and inquisitive mentors, whom one may uncover and discover are really in essence just simple private pirates and public complex monitors, and a fabulous wealth is yours for the taking and asking of anyone and everyone in need of new source seed feed which they cannot provide for themselves.
And deciding who and/or what to target for future successful discussion of certain possibilities for media presentation of an Advanced Cyber Command and Computerised Control Program for an Autonomous Virtual Realisation and Remote Self Actualisation of a New Orderly World Order View to Output for Universal Input, is a Dream Mission and AI Task that neither suffers nor offers the Counsel of Fools.
Here in the Wild Wacky West, whenever there be only a glut of sub-prime targets hell bent on retaining and maintaining old failed and fast failing current status quo systems, is the Exotic Erotic East explored for the Wisdom of Ages to be brought rapidly forward into the Fore and the Fray for something uniquely combined and totally different ….. something Perfectly Novel and Great Game Changing.
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