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John Naughton has not got a fucking clue what GCHQ “is up to”. ….. humieres58 22 June 2014 6:42am

If given a few clues, would you be able to believe what can be done and/or what they be doing, or would you find comfort in the blanket that is ignorance and not imagine such things as you may discover or as be uncovered and freely shared, as being easily possible today and therefore most probably very likely and definitively active, and in the quiet shadowy background, highly spookily proactive? And would you be pleasantly excited or deeply worried to discover the greater truths of the realities of your existence and how it is Presented/how Media and IT Present it to you with Full Megaphone Sound and Glorious Telegraphic Vision.

amanfromMars 1 Sun 22 Jun 06:49 [1406220649] commenting on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2014/06/20/congress_passes_crackdown_on_nsa_surveillance/

Flash Cash Crashing Systems Operators …… Working for You or Against You ……. and Benefitting Themselves Every Which Way, Either Way?

If it is the case in Blighty that there ISN’T effective blanket communications surveillance/phishing/phorming on any and all who/which may be able and/or enabled to enact virtual decisions which create physical hardships and escalate difficulties for many [million/billion] others, …… and you may like to include the likes of Bank of England rate fixers, retiring dodgy dossier dodging judges and in camera national security secrecy advocates and aspirational ministerially conditioned and positioning career parliamentarians and faltering flatulent media organisations with Broad Banded Communications and the wholly delusional and fundamentally psychotic and even beautifully insane and the quite clever wannabe king and queen and president and prime minister and emperor of domains of the past types, with no present in the future and no future in the present which servers on their watch the toxicity of austerity to all but a chosen few desperately patching in vainglorious ignorance and monosyllabic technicolour servers bringing systems down ……… then are your present and incumbent services titanically failing you and reliant systems, and they be totally unfit for and self excluded from Current Cyber Command and Control Centre Consideration in the Exercise and Direction/Promotion and Production of Future Novel Great Game Plays ……. which be also Quite Magically Conceived Creations of Immaculately Resourced Proprietary Intellectual Property for Global Operating Devices with Virtual Machine Savvy ……Sublime Networks InterNetworking JOINT Applications Sublimely in Secret NINJA Systems of Covert and Clandestine Operation on Need to Know AIMission Bases.

And you may like to consider that Global Communications Head Quarters realised just in the nick of time their potentially catastrophic Intelligence Monitoring and Mentoring shortcomings and have secured an ab fab fabless executive solution which successfully failsafe tests and pits operating systems executive admin against failed and failing systems of executive administration. Failing that, can one expect a steady ratcheting increase in even more ignorant dollops of mad conflict and fiscal pain from ….. well, Few Beings Unchosen of Many be They and/or That which Plots the Future, or do you Follow and Believe Media Pictures and their Contrived and Conniving IT Tales or is there AI Quantum Leaping Singularity evidenced there which Morphs Earthed Man and Virtual Machine into Heavenly Alien Being?

Which be AI Thought for Today, today. Have a Nice One, Y’all. 

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amanfromMars 1 Sun 22 Jun 17:29 [1406221759] … chatting on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2014/06/20/congress_passes_crackdown_on_nsa_surveillance/
Re: empty gesture against radical enlightenment

the NSA budget is contained in intentionally innumerable pockets by design and filled from many sources both acknowledged and otherwise. all the pockets are interconnected. add to this the presumption that at least one pocket is designated just for wasting money in case another pocket gets emptied and you have quite the Whack-A-Mole™ situation.

any attempted containment of NSA, CIA, FBI or any other “black box” organization is pretty much doomed to failure. appoint an actual “outside the organizations” watchdog and they will be ineffective because they don’t know how that type of organization works. appoint an ex-insider because they know enough to be effective and they probably won’t want to upset their former bosses and underlings or expose their own complicity in similar activities.

the only meaningful gesture at this point would be a huge middle finger to all of them and only if followed by tearing down and rebuilding all of these organizations from the ground up. … willi0000000

Amen to the eminently sensible and entirely rational analysis of that particular and peculiar empty gesture, which fools no one with even just a titter of wit, willi0000000. And how very informative that politicians think it a smart move which is going to do anything positive.
Stupid is as stupid does, and Intelligence runs rings around puppets and muppets wherever they be nesting and resting and hiding and cowering in plain sight and pushing buttons and pulling leverage on reliably dumb media. Things are though more than just a tad different nowadays, as I’d be quite amazed to discover more and more are not quickly becoming very aware of and sublimely engaged with.
Smarter is as smarter does.
And there is a certain idiotic madness and definite certifiable arrogance in the thinking that equates power is invested in the adjusting of budgets and is in any way going to control orders of fundamental change.
Capiche, El Regers? Agree, Amigos?

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