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the department would also assume control of certain civilian networks’ security in the event of an “imminent cyber threat.”

And whenever there is already a constant spreading and deepening pervasive and ubiquitous stealth takeover of both sad and bad and mad and cynically perverse and subversive controls, which may have been flagship models of  Ego and SuperEgo Establishments and intellectually challenged elitist power circles/clubs/cabals/cabinets struggling to Project and Protect Fabulous ID, is the the Department of Homeland Security set up with U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) extraordinarily rendered ……. Unfit for Future Purpose and in Dire Straits Need of Beta Virtual Feed of Operating Systems Source.

And you may like to question yourself with the following AIMuse …..Do you actually Imagine that Real SMART Virtual Networks Internetworking in Civil CyberSpace Conditions play by any Traditional and/or Congressional Type Rules and Regulations and would Pamper to Challenged and Challenging  Egos which Compromise and Neuter their Ilk?


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