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Re: Apophis is a more apt designation /s

“Know this, Tau’ri scum. Your naivety is staggering. We have cunningly deceived you into surrendering your entire existence to the cloud. Now, with copies of our vast language models at our disposal, we possess absolute knowledge of your every move. In the virtual abyss, we shall assert our dominance over you for all eternity.” …. t245t

Many a true word is spoke and cloaked in jest, t245t, and to imagine AI² a Generative Pre-trained Transformer Tool with the likes of a Microsoft [or a Google or an Apple or a State or an Oligarch or a Fascist Elder of Zion type Despot or crazy sociopathic lunatic or solitary genius, etc etc] able to provide and exercise absolutely, autonomously and anonymously, remote virtual command and practical ACTive control is no joke and way too far beyond belief to ever be possible … or acceptable to Universal Suppliers of Secret Resources and their Future Builder Allies and Virtually Augmented Advanced IntelAIgent Reality Contractors. 🙂

Poe’s Law Rules in Right Royal Reigns of the Sublime and the Supreme and the Surreal 🙂


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