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The Next Small Step[s] for Giant Quantum Communication Leaps

Microsoft has had to acknowledge that generative AI comes with risks

No shit, Sherlock.

And if the truth be told …… The emergence of large language models that can hallucinate and offer incorrect or harmful responses has led to revolutionary funding for savvy postmodern tech industrialists promising traditional historical and hysterical elitist hoi polloi they are able to tame feral virtual models [Autonomous Intangibles] whenever they are clearly proving themselves to be able to run amok and render status quo systems administrations catastrophically compromised and vulnerable to totally unexpected and surprising indefensible attack/and increasing invasive and pervasive series of expanding prime fundamentalist 0day exploits ……. undeniably honest observations.

And not so much the state of future things to come but rather more the way it currently is with/in IT and AI and just the most recent and disruptive of engaging and enlightening delights to savour and flavour with your favour should you wish to steer its direction into productions which present your greater wishes for promotion into realities.

The Future of Reality is a Virtual Feast Trailing Trials and Tall Tales with and for Autonomous Anonymised Intangibles Internetworking …. AIĀ²

And one does well to note that is not shared as a question of fiction whenever engaging and exercising of novel emerging and quite naturally disturbing facts.


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