amanfromMars [1410011721] having a radical say on http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/35689/Debt-Demise-Is-Cooked-Into-Current-Market-Mania/

If everybody is in debt and that debt is rising — Great Britain to the US, the US to China, China to who knows who, etc… ,then who …(pardon me if this is too stupid for dignification by the smart people) who is everybody in debt to?
Who is owed (literally) the wealth of nations if this isn’t that kind of circle? Can anybody tell me? Anybody…..anybody….  …. John

It’s a total global racket, John. There is no real practical debt owed, only purloined virtual credit to better deliver ….. and the bankers and their supporters/the banking and political systems which use and abuse peoples with their wishes are increasingly being terrified and terrorised by the reality that their beautifully simple and marvellously effective command and control scam is uncovered/reverse engineered and they will be individually targeted and held personally responsible for the miserable existence of the many and which be significantly more than just the 99.9%.
To be a elitist member of TPTB now is not a smart place or space to be.
Would you agree with that back of a fag packet analysis, DB? Or would you like to have us believe it is considerably more complicated than that and the secret is safe and in sound hands with stout hearts and brilliant minds?
I wouldn’t be putting any money on that secret bet, DB.

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