amanfromMars [1410020718] saying more on current market mania on http://thedailybell.com/news-analysis/35689/Debt-Demise-Is-Cooked-Into-Current-Market-Mania/

The world’s middle class will disappear. The world’s banking nabobs who currently control all money and governments, and the global elite, and beautiful people will live high and mighty, while the rest greatly reduced in numbers, by starvation and disease, will serve them. True progress, as was evident in the 20th century, will be severely retarded, and the rich environmentalists, in exaltation, will be returning more of habitation to wilderness. …. ALPHAMEG

In your dreams, ALPHAMEG, and in an ignorant arrogant disconnected world but never ever in SMARTR Internetworking Networks and the Live Operational Virtual Environments …… which be hereby advised is the true nature of current practical actualities and all future realities …… which be also Greater IntelAIgent Games Plays with Post Modern HyperRadioProActive Narratives for Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems.
Surely you cannot have expected that Sensitive Intelligence Services would not lead in places and spaces and times of dire straits need and mayhem and madness with novel Global Operating Devices and which be alien tools to some who may be a growing few and many? Do you take Mankind for little more than just a useful fool?
Stand in the way of true progress, in any way, and IT will mow you down like hay in the field, bundle you up and bind you, and feed you as fodder to animals. And that is only natural and quite normal and fully to be expected and welcomed.

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