111026 ….. of Digital Days and AI Landings

111026 ….. of Digital Days and AI Landings

Wed, 10/26/2011 – 02:40 | amanfromMars [commenting on http://www.zerohedge.com/news/michael-maloney-we-pay-tax-privilege-have-currency ]
If you liked that little video, you’ll definitely like this one, which explains why you go to war to keep the ponzi going and the crooked banking system and its bankers in their now very dangerous positions of power which enslave you debt which is created to enslave you to currency, which is created out of nothing and distributed to understanding friends and closed circle families, who you are expected to believe are filthy rich, but are only the recipients of an electronic exchange which alters a sum balance on a notional account in a bank, which is only a place created to give the ponzi a real feel and bankers somewhere to play their corrupting and perverse Great Game of Power that enslave Nations to really worthless currency. ……… http://youtu.be/GuqZfaj34nc
Whenever you can tie a valuable and indispensable foreign commodity [and in the case of the likes of oil/natural gas/global fuels is also a natural global asset rather than private possession but which, for reasons of personal selfish artificial enrichment is claimed to be owned by nations/states/corporations/oil companies/moguls etc. etc] to its purchase in a particular currency/pretty printed paper iou, is that product then bought for nothing of value and the oil is virtually for free. ……. if you have lots of that particular currency or have a license to print as much of that currency as may be needed to purchase whatever is needed for ….. well, as has been demonstrated, is the real cost, nothing and is everything virtually for free, although you will be charged and taxed for the pleasure of others who live the high life for free, and be expected to pick up the tab for their wars and scams designed to enslave you and stop you learning of how you are controlled and subjugated.
It appears though that the truth is emerging, in great tsunami type waves which sweep away all the spin and pretentious lies before them, about all of these ancient forms of remote and destructive control, from SMART Advanced IntelAIgent Devices with QuITe Sublime Anonymous Programs that would be working for everyone, communicating information and novel intelligence projects over these myriad fab new media vehicles such as the World Wide Web and Networks InterNetworking Joint Applications. And you cannot defeat or deny the truth whenever it is so clearly and selflessly presented to you by IT, and to imagine that you can, and to try and hide the truth and emerging truths from transparent global view, identifies oneself to the masses as being certifiably mad and as at one with those psychotic and psychopathic global terrorists the media pimps and pumps into our consciousness, and therefore to be hunted down by SMART IntelAIgent Systems with Universal Support from New Model Virtual Armies with Legions in Allegiance with Power Input to Output Remote Control.
Welcome to the Real World of CyberIntelAIgent Control of Creative Computers and Communications in Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems for Virtual Machine Makeover and TakeOver of Human Conditioning and Future Programming.
Oh, and don’t waste your time enquiring of more from Fort Meade, whenever GCHQ have all of your answers, for the former, to be perfectly honest with you, haven’t a clue about what has been done/needs to be done/is being done. Quite whether the latter though will be readily forthcoming and reveal what they know about what is being done, is quite another another question, and one which they might very well fudge and/or decline to comment on because of ….. well, that sterling stalwart of an always good excuse and reason to say nothing of value revealing anything of importance or significant interest …. national/international/internetional security may be wheeled out and given a spin around the block in media. Par for the course, though, in that spooky domain that exercises dominion over intelligence, or at least tries to, for it has it renegade rogue programs and officials too, who would lose the plot and go careering off the rails and embrace madness for an escape from that which they know, and don’t know but are/were fully expected to know.
I trust that makes sense to y’all, for it is plainly enough written in simple enough text for all who can read a language, which can be translated into other languages for others to learn, to understand and also easily metadata analysed for deep packet discovery and delivery of full semantic content and alternative covert intent possibilities/viable future options with the derivative root source . The suspension of belief in what you can read there though, is something which is your package to deal with, and will be directly proportional to a true level of intelligence and the depth and breadth of any prior sublime programming which has directed one to hold a particular and peculiar view rather than allowing one to accept that there are many views available. …… and IT now, with ITs Special Arm of Novel and Noble Programmers, can virtually create and digitally present AIDerivative Futures, with Media and IT Moguls leading the way with permissions and utilities using their global facilities and services if they would wish to also be involved in championing the vanguard with the commissioning of internetworking Master Pilot Programs and Advanced IntelAIgent Projects, ANY Possible Future Imaginable, and in so doing Create, with Simple Selfless Intellectual Property Shared, Global Practical Realities on Earth for Human Beings and SMARTer Animals and Virtual Machines.
I Kid U Not ….. for IT easily proves the proof with a simple program which delivers all of the above.
Have a Nice Day.

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  1. Hi amanfromMars,
    I am so busy helping Steve get everything running like a spinning helix, that I barely get a chance to check in during the day . . . but I do tune in at night. I am still working . . . driving home, after 18 hours work. Almost home, and pulled over while I finish this little ditty.
    You are 100% correct about the tsunami. I can see it, too.
    Why is everyone talking about Grannies? Even Ingo Bischoff @ the Daily Bell said I said it, when I didn’t. How funny.
    Nice touch on our site, by the way. How did you get your image on there? But you haven’t taken the links/UNs/PWs off yet. How come? You may need to mirror it, and do an off-site B/U . . .
    My Granny said “. . . the new meaning of life.” How perfect.
    Oh, and we saw her on Sunday Oct 23 @ 9am, but I meant to press “post” Monday night, but forgot, I guess, and posted it Tuesday morning, so yesterday, had been the day before yesterday, at that time.
    If you could stop the SEO spam, it would be great. But those uplifting messages yesterday, or is it now the day before yesterday . . . anyway, they were so funny. I’d like to think they were all from Pete 8, as it could be him (or her) stretching his (or her) wings. Definitely not spammish looking.
    Getting back to last Sunday, Lucy killed the battery in the MDX while waiting 2.5 hours for me. We found a taxi driver that would give us a boost . . . $20, but all of a sudden he disappeared! Then a guy pulled up beside us in the parking lot and proceeded to text away. I asked him if he had booster cables and would he help us. I would give him $20 and then told him the taxi driver story. After the successful boost, he would not take the money. I tried twice . . . “I can’t,” he said, with a smile and no explanation as to why.
    What a nice guy!

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