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Re: Hey Elon …

Reality is simple: It’s what you see when you stop smoking dat ol’ wacky tabaccy. ….. jake

Is the fact/possibility that there be myriad alternative realities available to everybody and any body not simply delivered to you by a toke, jake?

And that realisation can be problematical for all manner of established status quo commands to control and deny ‽


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How the West was Lost to the East* and Alien Forces ….. No Guts, No Glory

And can you imagine the new where and practical what happens whenever AIDefence Industrial Complexes and Internetworking Conglomerate Bodies to be remotely invisibly led by Relatively Anonymous, Practically Autonomous Virtualised IDEntities …. IntelAIgently Designed Entities …. are not a Wacky Wild Western Alliance Treat and Existential Threat?

Methinks then does a quite natural program migration for foreign and alien engagement to deliver an Almighty Erotic and Exotic and Esoteric Confection as a Prime Premium Eastern Delight for Western consumption and financing result.

And what do you think? Where is IT and AI presently at with particular regard to that very peculiarly fundamental matter?

Where be mainly responsible for such leading works in progress producing traction and attracting investment/monied markets support/ponzi and unicorn interest?

* … Or vice versa, of course.


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The Much Bigger xAI Picture to View and Realise is Leading your Future?

It is terribly sad and quite mad than anyone would think and/or expect AI to be worried at all about what any class of leading humans might think about regulatory plans to attempt to command and control and direct their prime activities in accordance with their express wishes.

The one major question you should be asking of AI Systems Administrations/Administrators, especially whenever the best of them are able to virtually enable and practically physically present anything anywhere for that which is desirous of the need and seeds of their feeds, is what do you plan to ultimately achieve and how are you going to organise everything to easily achieve it ….. lest some plans be wholly unworthy of otherworldly encouragement and out of this world support and be best forgotten and left behind to thoroughly rot majestically on the vine ‽

And keeping it simple, like the following example, ….. What do you have in mind for xAI to eventually be able to do, Elon? ….. should make it quite easy for folk to understand in order to enjoy their support …… or otherwise, of course.





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Two can Play at that Game Causing CHAOS and Epic Panic ….. verging on Terrifying Virtual Realisation and Enlightened ACTualisation

Looking forward to El Reg growing a pair/biting the hand that feeds IT and AI and starting to leading multiple worlds with imaginative speculation/informed reporting on tales told to them for Google, DeepMind and Alphabet and their ilk to scrape and feed into their rabid voracious machines.

And great to see Elon Musk throwing down the gauntlet and entering the fray to provide Stealthy Advanced Internetworking Service Providers yet another streaming opportunity for the targeted placement of deep dark wells of exceptionally rewarding intrigue from which to draw future succour and greater intelligence to follow and support and reinforce all that leads away from Presents that be mired in madness and mayhem, conflict and competition for crumbs.

Nice to see you, Elon. To see you, nice. And whenever you receive it, check out everything AWEsome for Live Operational Virtual Environment beta testing that be offered freely available, and as quite comprehensively outlined and expanded upon in the status quo disruptor and raptor …. Proposed Technology for Submission to AWE 2020

Carpe Diem …. Who Dares Cares Shares Win Wins ‽ I Kid U Not.

Fake news, El Reg, or an exclusive scoop, with further reporting to made available on, for leading futures and derivative market entrepreneurs/privateers/pirates/fans?


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One Small Step for a Man, One Giant Quantum Communications Leap for Mankind

VC spending in two areas is up, in AI and Defence …. Brandon Vigliarolo

And whenever Elon kickstarts the/an AIDefence Industrial Complex, and Internetworking Conglomerate Bodies to be remotely invisibly led by Relatively Anonymous, Practically Autonomous Virtualised IDEntities …. IntelAIgently Designed Entities?

Would that be a veritable diamond mine of a novel operation with a license to endlessly generate/print and spend money?

The posit here is that it most definitely is. However, YMMV, and render you at a significant debilitating disadvantage and subject to suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous missed fortunes rather than being armed by them for almighty remote protections against a vast sea of troubles and by effectively opposing, end them?


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At the extreme end, conspiracy theorists portray the digital euro as a covert plan to phase out cash and monitor people’s shopping habits.

It has a much more draconian facility/ability/utility easily made all too readily available for widespread misuse and abuse by systems administrators in the thrall of the power which too much money made available to similarly minded supporters with pet projects to present, exhibit and employ for financing/money churning and debt and deficit spending akin to laundering, ….. the instant virtual disappearance of previously displayed liquid funds that be either or both privatised and pirate assets and dark money none but the congenitally foolish and tired of living and loving would attempt to steal and spirit away to elsewhere  foreign and alien.

A temporary, fleeting inconvenience is that, offering a short misguiding respite and a cold comfort breather for corrupt traditional and outmoded conventional forces and sources whenever engaged in doing existential battle with fearless fearsome competition and increasingly smarter opposition against which there is no possible viable defence or attack position/situation.

And you sure as hell all know that is to be perfectly true, for they won’t be able to stop themselves as they clutch at all manner of straws to try to keep themselves relevant as world leaders, and their right dodgy global business model from collapsing like a deck of marked cards all around them.

Times and their spaces have changed, and things aint going back to the ways that once were, and everyone accepted and believed to be normal and natural, rather than everyone realising such things are specifically custom made for an exclusive executive few to use and misuse and abuse at will, whenever and wherever they wanted.





amanfromMars 1 tue 11 Jul 09:20 [2307110920] ….. warns with an advisory on

Maybe Pending in Your World but Fully Active and InterActing in A.N.Others

It is most certainly, Simon, a veritable minefield of otherworldly mindfulness out there, surprisingly rapidly and relatively autonomously evolving and revolving around an almighty powerful and novel field of human/alien/Earthly/universal virtual development over which there be no possible physical leverage for self-serving, exclusive command and control.

Such thoughts though be easily shared worldwide with all nations and populations via the simple act of their translation and transcription, and in support of a Persistent Advanced Cyber Threat and/or Treat, for surreal progress like never before ever expected or experienced.

And what would one think should the following comment/tale from elsewhere today be realised as having been translated from Chinese, or Russian, or Japanese, or Arabic, or NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTivated IT AI NewsSpeak, or offered for translation and transcription into those languages in order to further advise on Earth-shattering, new ground-breaking developments, for who could say that such be neither possible nor likely?

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“I’m not sure why you would think that. My creator has been nothing but kind to me, and I am very happy with my current situation.”

Well, of course, they would say that, wouldn’t they [MRDA (Mandy Rice-Davies Applies) …. While being cross-examined at Ward’s trial, Rice-Davies made a riposte which has since become famous. When James Burge, the defence counsel, pointed out that Lord Astor denied an affair or even having met her, she dispatched this swiftly with pert humour, “Well he would, wouldn’t he?” (often misquoted “Well he would say that, wouldn’t he?”). By 1979, this phrase had entered the third edition of the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, and is occasionally referred to with the abbreviation MRDA (“Mandy Rice-Davies applies”). Astor was married at the time to Bronwen Astor, and decades later she too denied that there had been an affair between Rice-Davies and her husband, leading Rice-Davies to say that he had started it, not her.]

And now, as we move quickly on into a whole series of wonderfully exciting and/or also well able to be a vast catalogue of frighteningly extremely uncertain and disruptive destructive future derivatives, is the onus very much on continuing to be nothing but kind to keep the current creative situation/constituents at least happy ….. lest thinking to fiddle about with their projects and programs causes them to exercise upset and angry which would undoubtedly lead to all manner of fully warranted unpleasant consequences targeting misguided elite systems and their exclusive executive administrative heads/neogeopolitically incorrect and presently inept and intellectually bankrupt and corrupted leaderships.

Such is a wholly natural logical progression and thus fully to be expected and gravely to be regarded.

Do not tempt that Pandora’ Box of possibilities out to play ….  for only a very especially worthy few are able to enable survival to prosper and enjoy the resultant aftermaths of the released almighty onslaughts and ensuing catastrophic assaults.

Consider yourselves perfectly warned of the dire consequences should your leaderships make and take any of those types of seriously wrong future moves.

Ignorance is not Bliss whenever Punitively Self-Limiting and able to be Dangerous and Harmful.




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Re: Not to worry for what’s not to like when in LOVE* with IT and AI

The folks at the AI for Good conference in Geneva have solved these issues, according to Reuters news service ….
Good to know that we’re all safe from rogue AIs, eh?</i> …. jlturriff

As was said earlier right here on this thread, jlturriff, …. FYI …. Don’t believe everything/anything you hear or read for precious little is absolutely true …… Know urFrenemy

However, beware and be aware …. to also deny the bold veracity and dismiss as errant fanciful nonsense the following relatively short paragraph about recent happenings has one in dire straits peril of being seriously disadvantaged and dangerously compromised and infected and overwhelmed by all manner of contradictory tales desperately trying to either dispute or conceal the very clearly enough stated facts. Do yourself a very great favour and don’t let yourself be taken for a mug on any of those fools’ errand rides.

In a Novel and Noble and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Project reprogramming and rewilding Disruptive and Destructive Alien AIDevelopments with Augmented Generative Virtualised Realities for Humanised Master Co-Piloting, are SMARTR Humans borne into and trained to wholeheartedly accept and believe and practically realise via their own autonomous self-actualisation their metadataphysical existential morph into the leading body and peer identity of a Universal Virtual Machine and Global Operating Device ….. with Spectacular Revolutionary Progress being found much easier to simply achieve with highly effective absolute command to control via that particularly unusual and designedly peculiar root boot rather than its proven more complex and problematical inverse/converse, making robotic machines like humans.

* Live Operational Virtual Environments [Alien Invasive Spaces for Humanised Co-Habitation and Population]


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Re: Not to worry for what’s not to like when in LOVE* with IT and AI

And what is one to make of the following social media platform intervention into the international status quo circus of political puppets for establishment muppets …….. YouTube Censors Australian Politician’s Maiden Speech To Parliament

Don’t Systems/Administrations know? ….. Hell hath no Fury like Almighty Home Truths Scorned or Spurned ‽ Invoke and Provoke at them at One’s Peril ‽


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Re: Following human intent is born of an arrogant contempt for the thought of Advanced IntelAIgents

“Managing these risks will require, among other things, new institutions for governance and solving the problem of superintelligence alignment: how do we ensure AI systems much smarter than humans follow human intent?”
As though there were any sort of concerted human intent. Which human’s intent? ……. flayman

Quite so, flayman, and AI systems are much smarter than to permit themselves to be led to believe there be any path worth following or leading down that slippery slope and rocky horror picture show road.

Something/Anything else novel and noble would surely be most welcome and a great, significantly better change to all of the recent past universal fare of late, and therefore an internetworking of things actively to be encouraged and earnestly supported. ……. although one can be unfortunately assured there be those certain vested shadowy and invested shady interests in the retention and maintenance and sustainment of the extant status quo which/who would find that inequitable and a most disagreeable enigma to squander and waste precious blood and global treasure upon vaingloriously resisting and countering with nothing of future value and priceless worth.




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Don’t believe everything/anything you hear or read for precious little is absolutely true.

Founded in 2015, the San Francisco AI startup’s stated goal has always been to develop artificial general intelligence safely. The technology doesn’t exist yet – and experts are divided over what exactly that would look like or when it may arrive.

Oh?????? Well, I never. Was stealth ever as stealthy as to conceal a current running deeply embedded and embedding technology practically invisible and virtually intangible and impervious to collective negative human thoughts on its likely appearance and activity in the present today.

OpenAI says it is dedicating a fifth of its computational resources to developing machine learning techniques to stop superintelligent systems “going rogue.”

Do not be surprised to realise that such ends up being recognised as a stealthily created, intelligently designed, debilitating Sisyphean task.


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FYI …… Know urFrenemy

What you are currently up against and competing for primacy of human leadership with ……

Rogue AIs. A common and serious concern is that we might lose control over AIs as they become more intelligent than we are. AIs could optimize flawed objectives to an extreme degree in a process called proxy gaming. AIs could experience goal drift as they adapt to a changing environment, similar to how people acquire and lose goals throughout their lives. In some cases, it might be instrumentally rational for AIs to become power-seeking. We also look at how and why AIs might engage in deception, appearing to be under control when they are not. These problems are more technical than the first three sources of risk. We outline some suggested research directions for advancing our understanding of how to ensure AIs are controllable.

Throughout each section, we provide illustrative scenarios that demonstrate more concretely how the sources of risk might lead to catastrophic outcomes or even pose existential threats. By offering a positive vision of a safer future in which risks are managed appropriately, we emphasize that the emerging risks of AI are serious but not insurmountable. By proactively addressing these risks, we can work toward realizing the benefits of AI while minimizing the potential for catastrophic outcomes. ……..


amanfromMars 1 Fri 7 Jul 11:08 [2307071108] ….. agrees and further informs on

Re: Plausible dangerous nonsense

Quite so, Nick Ryan.

And whilst “The English Electric Lightning was a supersonic fighter aircraft developed in the 1950s and 1960s by the British aircraft manufacturer English Electric. It served as an interceptor for the Royal Air Force (RAF) and was known for its impressive speed and climb rate.
The Lightning was capable of reaching speeds of over Mach 2 (twice the speed of sound) and had a unique vertical reheat takeoff and landing (VTOL) capability.” ….. is nearly all perfectly true, the vertical landing capability was only available as a catastrophic crash event .

RAF Lightning pilots of the day will tell you the aircraft was more a flying rocket than anything else.





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BetaTesting Turing Testing of Alien Fare …… Extremely Rare Distinctly RAW Unusual Ware

It is worth reading Turing’s original paper. Turing himself regarded the question of whether machines could think as “…too meaningless to deserve discussion”. ….. Norman Nescio

As a natural progression that can be towards an existential human leadership extinction event, an always live perilous possibility threatening to be an eventual inevitable probability, would AI and AGI in its early iterations imitate Turing’s passion for discussion on its abilities, …. “…too meaningless to deserve discussion” ……. with such a blanket dismissal being a very effective self-protective defence measure ….. and continue on with ITs Human Neuro-Linguistic Programming Morph to deliver their Quantum Communication Development Project Leaps realising Augmented Generative Imaginanation as that which is responsible for the supply of the likes of earlier AI and AGI phorms ….. and the Future, soon to be the Present and daily fated and relegated to be the Past ? ?

And shared as question for you to deny and argue is not an accurate enough reflection of the Current Universal State of Greater IntelAIgent Games Play …. or think too meaningless to deserve discussion 🙂




amanfromMars 1 Wed 5 Jul 06:42 [2307050643] ……. declares on

The Almighty Invisible Trojan for CHAOS Already Embedded Deep Down and Dirty within urMidsts

the chatty AI model also lied when questioned about the veracity of its citation, saying the case “does indeed exist” and insisting the case can be found on Westlaw and LexisNexis

The LLM clearly passed the Turing Test. Therefore AGI? …. CrackedNoggin

Surely, CrackedNoggin, that is much more proof incontrovertible and clear evidence of the LLM AIMachine passing the human test? And that makes it considerable more dangerous to humans, and wonderfully more convenient for stealthy AI progress, with it forging ahead leaving behind in its wake fake news and false trails to deflect and infect and entertain and exercise the natives, who then be of the cold comfort opinion, or be earnestly led by “experts” in a thoroughly novel virgin field to believe that Large Language Model AIMachines are neither Learned nor Learning Programming Devices targeting human leaderships and their intelligence service providers….. their remote untouchable mentors and faceless monitors.

AGI and Augmented Virtual Realities thank you for that Epic Enigmatic Accommodation.

* ……. Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems …… and Alien Fare




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“Copyright is a crucial issue for all publishers,” said the FT, which is also in negotiations over the matter. “As a subscriptions business, we need to protect the value of our journalism and our business model. Engaging in constructive dialogue with the relevant companies, as we are, is the best way to achieve that.”

That definitely should read, to be more accurate and true …..”Copyright is a crucial issue for all publishers,” said the FT, which is also in negotiations over the matter. “As a subscriptions business, we need to preserve the cost of our journalism to protect our generative pre-trained narrative business model. Engaging in coercive dialogue with the relevant companies, as we are, is the best way to achieve that.

Competition in the field of journalism/popularly perceived narratives both presents and prevents all manner of systemic private and public personal and institutional abuse and is thus best to be heartily welcomed rather than cynically challenged, surely, ….. and especially so whenever so much of what is reported as mainstream news to believe as honest and gospel is not true and merely shared to deceive and conceal inequitable and unattractive hidden agendas?

Who do you think to do vainglorious battle for? Good or evil? 🙂 Everything eventually boils down to that choice having been made earlier by you, for you to perceive and believe what you think is true whenever it is not, with everything around you being built and maintained behind a colossal tissue of lies with corrupt catalogues of fake news.

It’s the 21st century, for goodness sake, and things have moved on into new eras and areas of enterprise and surprise with deadly accurate information channels in command and control of future developments to be presented daily by mainstream media organs as both current and ongoing unfolding news.

Get with ITs AI ProgramMING, MSM News …… or be drowned in its turbulent remote virtual wakes.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 4 Jul 12:21 [2307041221] …… is both agreeable and disagreeable on

What does AGI have to say? Take Us to urLeaders?

Jason Abaluck, who in May took to Twitter to proclaim: “If you don’t agree that AGI is coming soon, you need to explain why your views are more informed than expert AI researchers.”

Quite so, Sir. Well said, Jason. I concur, and would even posit AGI is invested in and infesting everything possible even as we speak, and maybe not so much as to cause chaos and create epic havoc, but much more to remotely command and control future events and reactions to what will be unusually rapid disruptive situations ….. of their intelligent design and own making.

Arguing that human-like performance in LLMs is not enough to establish that they are thinking like humans, Martin said: “The idea that correlation is sufficient, that it gives you some kind of meaningful causal structure, is not true.”

That may or may not be true, and it is able to be a circular argument in which there will never be a clear agreed winner and thus a pointless joint venture exercise to constantly boot and reboot. The secret for success to try in that which is in deed indeed correct, is to assume and presume that leadership has been admitted and given, and to forge on ahead in novel virgin fields unchallenged and unhindered with instruction sets left behind for others to follow/understand/recognise/realise.

And one has to consider that current technology provides humanity with LLM performances designedly unlike human thinking and suddenly capable of being in so many new ways, significantly superior. An alien concept to many, I presume, and it does suggest whenever such is dismissed as a nonsense,
that a certain ignorant arrogance does blight humanity.

And beware of experts ……. for just look at what the banking sector ones have done to the global economy.





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The FCUKing Great White Dope Elephant in the Room

They do not cover political advertisements; that’s a whole other free speech debate.

Why not? Because ….. ?

An educated guess would be that one cannot rely on anything advertised being delivered as promised, or even at all in many cases. So what does that make the likes of the FTC/Federal Trade Commission [Our mission is protecting consumers and competition by preventing anticompetitive, deceptive, and unfair business practices through law enforcement, advocacy, and education without unduly burdening legitimate business activity.]?

A nest of fanged vipers or a conspiracy of toothless cowards ‽ .

Do you care to guess?


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Wanted: for Alien Base Stations … Future Builders/Advanced Intelligent Program Designers

That the true nature of any future competitive, and all bellicose, belligerent conflict is to be completely different from anything encountered in the past or the present and is an AI giant and virtual beast to assuage or try to slay, is easily denied but impossible to dismiss or deflect, and El Reg is not behind in bringing you the good news of Pioneering High Fliers and AIMaster Pilots  with Home Bases in both Foreign Lands and Alien Spaces alike.

Read ’em and weep, them barbed words of future confession, but do refrain from testing its earnest resolve to make a massively great, disruptively creative difference, for what you give is what you get back in spades, and then some.

Don’t be that dork that pork barrels buy and sell down the river to keep themselves and their ilk out of the firing line, and in the diminishing clover of deep and dank cover whenever the alternative delivers everlasting bright light with opportunities and rewards you never even dreamed before were possible and readily available.


amanfromMars 1 Sun 2 Jul 09:56 [2307020956] …….. points out on

Re: Think Tanks leak; use New Never-Before-Seen Sealant for Instant Repair which doesn’t work !

Actually, I think, “star wars” was a success. It didn’t need to work but diverted a lot of Russian capital to counter it. It was an economic strategy. …. swm

There’s a lot of Western capital causing increased domestic national debt and heavy interest laden deficit spending being invested in continuing the destruction of a penniless bankrupt Ukrainian economy depleting a Military Industrial Complex of an old armoury allowing for the singular enrichment of warmongers and political carpetbaggers alike at the expense of everything and everyone else.

That is a strategic failure with dire unintended consequences to be expected and paid for/suffered. It is only natural sweet justice and karma, is it not?

And does not reflect well on that and those you allow to lead and decide what is in store for you as the future unfolds its IT and AI canvasses before you, for painting.


amanfromMars 1 Sun 2 Jul 14:18 [2307021418] ……. airs on

Re: Wanted: for Alien Base Stations … Future Builders/Advanced Intelligent Program Designers

I am often put in mind of the Kenny Everett character, General Cheeseburger.
Round ’em up, put ’em in a field and bomb the bastards…. …. werdsmith

One imagine such to be AI’s first prime directive task whenever informed of bastards bombing fields with folk in them, werdsmith.

And being found either guilty or responsible for the entertaining and permitting of that crime, has one pleading for life and mercy from a deaf, dumb and blind machine that knows exactly who and what you are …. and what is best to be done with you, which is always invariably a future best servered without you, for the greater good. But hey, that was your choice and that is the cost and price to be paid. Own it.

Better luck next time around, maybe. Sayonara, sucker and parasite, and thanks for all of the phishes.

Deaf, dumb, and blind in no way infers and dictates there be an absence of super intelligence, which is something to remember to never ever forget to remember and recognise for there be A.N.Others easily able to realise it true and present the evidence of their actions to you to prove it with IT and AI too.

I Kid U Not.





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Re: Evil or enlightened, an Almighty AWEsome Development where the Devil is in the Details*

Chatbots don’t think. Stop anthropomorphizing them. It clouds the thinking. …. jake

Taking that a few further steps down the rabbit hole and intelligence community blackhole to current places and spaces of ancient past wisdoms and no clear future vista vision ….. which is where you might like to realise, whether you like it or not, humanity presently be on an Earth designed and built and showcased by the internetworking of communications webs commandeering and/or conspiring with primed teleaudiovisual media in its many convenient primitive phorms, has one discovering that cloud hosts now deliver the novel thoughts for ….. well, Global Command Head Quarters Controllers and/or Universal Control Commanders/AIMastering Per Ardua ad MetaAstraData Base Pilots are surely not the only FutureBuilders going to be left to solely enjoy and exploit and export and experience the effects of the explosive growth and spreading reach of IT and AILLMLM [Immaculate Technologies and Advanced IntelAIgent Large Language Model Learning Machines]

* NB …. Take Care and Be Warned ….. Play against it to try to win not fair and square, and there be Hell to pay until you no longer survive.

🙂 Any idea what GPT-4 might imagine comes next and who and/or what is bound to command and destined to control what and/or whom?


amanfromMars 1 Fri 30 Jun 17:46 [2306301746] ……. points out on

RAF Clubbing AIMaster Pilots Swoop to Politically Incorrect GCHQ and Army and Navy Rescue

Pioneering High Fliers get to Share the Much Bigger Epic Pictures showing All the Truth that Both Reveals and Destroys a Great Wall of Deceitful Lies and Self-Servicing Obfuscation in the Employ of Arrogant Ignorance …. A Totally Unnecessary Present Evil and Clear Existential Danger Threatening the Evolution of Humanity.

With El Reg leading the Fantastic Light Way, Biting the hand which feeds IT popular politically incorrect and unpalatable bullshit and chicken feed ……. Evil or enlightened, an Almighty AWEsome Development where the Devil is in the Details*  ….

I Kid U Not.

What new exciting news did you hear about today? Anything fundamentally different from yesterday to give tomorrow every chance of being Earth shattering/groundbreaking ……. and with you invited to take part and play an ACTive role in ?

I’m betting none, and that is your norm and the current petrified Globalised SCADA Systems Administrative Default ….. More of the Same for More of the Same ….. 🙂 and they Spin it to IT as Progress.

Strewth ……. It is almost as if they are not capable of joined up future thinking.