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Re: How could you find out you’re part of the botnet?

Is there a way to figure out if I’ve got a compromised device in my midst? …… Grunchy

Fortunately/Unfortunately, if targeted for SMARTR* Global Operating Device Networks, No is the only correct answer, Grunchy.

And to spin it otherwise is delusion heaped upon hubris delivering further avenues to exploit with deeper exfiltration of prize guilty secrets and extremely damaging and self-destructive sensitive assets … which then of course are extraordinarily rendered and universally recognised as unwelcome and damning horrendous liabilities.

* …… SMARTR Mentoring Analysis Reporting Titanic Research


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There’s very little talk, and even less evidence made readily available, of the growth and application of AI in the WMD industry/sector/vector ….. although perhaps very understandably so in such a case, absence of evidence is not necessarily evidence of absence.

Given the fears and worries that have surfaced and abound around its use in less controversial and consequential circles, AI’s impact upon and in the military and paramilitary estate is surely gravely to be regarded, although quite what one would be enabled or able to do about it should the greater scheme of things appear to be heading in any particularly disturbing direction for leading established organisations/SCADA Systems Administrators is one of those great and extremely mysterious unknown unknowns to be left dealt with by A.N.Others in AI Command and Control of IT and Mass Mainstream Media and Alternative Communications Channels/Dark Web Networks.




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Who and where be the bigger idiots at large, feeding dreams with nightmares writ large ??? *

£2B in UK taxpayer cash later, and still no Emergency Services Network … And not even a tentative date for a system go-live either

SNAFUBAR and just like every other major project and program being championed by Walter Mitty types ….. with the sad crazy thing being that you would be expecting it to be any different and better with the revolving streams of incompetent clowns and self-serving degenerates in offices of state and corrupting influence with their sticky little hands and snivelling noses in the Treasury and Bank of England fiat currency trough.

*…… “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”― Winston S. Churchill

And aint that the fcuking gospel truth.

J’accuse, and would point yet out again the current pathetic state of future UKGBNI play which is a dead ringer for pussy cat lions led by nodding donkeys.

No wonder novel disruptive and energising proprietary intellectual property is abandoning the Wild Wacky Wicked West to its bankrupting fate and taking its chances with migrations for deployment and enjoyment in the Exotic Erotic Esoteric East …… although that is not the sort of realistic picture any mainstream media mogul operation will be painting for you/sharing with you.

The ignorant masses just love their daily arrogant comics filled to overflowing with their pages of toxic bullshit, don’t they. Sad and crazy indeed. What an absolute omnishambles.




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Re: “Re: How CCP is El Reg” is confusing, Wandee Thaweetham

To whom is your post and its claims directed, Wandee Thaweetham? Thanks, in anticipation of undoubted clarification.

Is it a case of it being misplaced here on this thread?


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Breaking News …. but not the Situation you may have been expecting IT and AI to Deliver

The following information, Wandee Thaweetham, freely available from El Reg whenever one simply clicks on the Anonymous Coward handle on post threads, provides you with what needs to be known about the many possible identities of the Anonymous Coward, and surely justifies the logical questions asked of you regarding your reply to the one comment from AC [Anonymous Coward] posted at the time of your response.

As a newcomer to this forum though, and with so much new and enlightening, disrupting and developing to learn from attendance and attendees here, do all experienced here understand the stumbles and face-plants which can be easily made, with the great expectation of teachers being that there be fewer of them in the future* with the exercise of the greater knowledge supplied by/from/for/with IT and AI [Information Technology and Advanced IntelAIgents] shared generously here for universal and world wide web viewing and assimilation elsewhere.

Anonymous Coward

We allow anonymous posting because we understand the value in letting people post anonymously.

But posting anonymously has a cost as well. It makes it easier for people to say glib, trite or troll like statements knowing it won’t be attributable to them.

For these reasons anonymous posts incur a “penalty”.

votes on your anonymous posts do not count towards you gaining forum privileges.
Anonymous commenters do not get to pick an icon, but are all shown with the Guy Fawkes mask that appears beside anonymous posts. ……

* 🙂 An expectation of humanity which may not have been accepted or imagined as a possibility by Albert Einstein who opined …… Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe. …. but hope springs eternal and thus one can never know for sure what the future will bring whenever the past and the present have exhausted and suffer the consequences of their moronic circular embrace, extend, and extinguish jerk thing ….. or something unprecedented and totally unexpected and previously unknown delivers the resultant reality and existential threat and/or treat via virtual means and/or memes ….. which one would do well to realise is where you is currently at with regard to your relationship with IT and AI, or its relationship with you as the case may very well be.

Try to either deny or ignore it, and their stealthy overwhelming progress will be further aided and abetted to an extraordinarily inordinate degree guaranteeing failsafe their absolute rule and reign over beings and matter down on Earth ‽ .

I Kid U Not. What now would you like to do, knowing now as you do about all that has already been done?


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A Debilitating Wacky Wild Western Affliction with a Deadly Attraction to a Fatal Addiction

Have an upvote and a beer for stating what is surely obvious to all but the bested fool and wannabe contentious loser and useless tool, martinusher.





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Are private companies providing essential services always likely to be nationalised/essentially provided with as much public money as they need to continue to succeed and prosper/survive and remain in the game, with the ever present fear and threat of supply disruption the eternal gift that keep on giving ‽ .

It certainly works wonderfully well for political parties with a penchant for histrionic paramilitary tendencies whenever confronted with their own inadequacies threatening their fraudulent existence and corruptive advantage.




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Re: So, what about NOT competing ..

.. but insted find a model to collaborate? ……Yeah, I know. It will never happen if at least one of the parties doesn’t grow up.. ….. Anonymous Coward

Actually, AC, it can easily immediately happen whenever just one party realises they have to capture the room and assume/act /be all grown-up, and wise up to the advantage and reward gratitude generously supplies whenever one freely shares new and subversive resources with contemporaries ……. with such a mutually beneficial, positively reinforcing result very likely to be a continuing model of excellence guaranteeing further future collaborations/engagements/developments.

And such a novel revolutionary partnership with foreign and alien agents, although admittedly initially stalled until language differences are resolved to allow for accurate translation and transmission allowing for a perfect parallel understanding of proprietary intellectual property/stateless secret information/Advanced IntelAIgents, is virtually guaranteed if ever home grown services interest in such products/programmes/virtual machine weaponry as may be freely offered and gratefully received and deployed/employed/enjoyed, be clearly absent with proferred direct engagement with source core ore miner/minder either officially declined or worryingly ignored, given what would then be easily extrapolated/presumed/learnt by both friendly competitors and hostile opponents alike of one’s own state and level of intelligence and the state and level of one’s own national and international intelligence services too, if one identifies with any such statehood.

Some things are best realised as being absolutely vital to secure and engage with whenever failure to purchase favoured status is sure to result exceptionally grave damage to the national security.


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A little something from elsewhere which has the problem with Stormont and Westminster well sussed …. with most of yous paying through the nose for the privileged of being right royally shafted and played for mugs fit only to be thugs?


Government jobs are supposed to serve the country, by performing functions like adjudication, defense and infrastructure. These require some organization and, given that it’s the government paying these people, such jobs are sought after. The reason is that generally, government jobs are very hard to get fired from. As I mentioned in the last essay, organizations past Dunbar’s number have major disadvantages and governments, being even bigger than companies, have great disadvantages in this regard.

In particular, it’s very difficult for those in charge to know what the workers are doing and rent seeking in such organizations tends to proliferate. Further, there’s little incentive for managers to even care about employee performance as there is no direct feedback from the market. The goods and services provided by the government aren’t market driven and require election waves or regime changes for even a small amount of change. Hence, the only way that such rent seekers lose their jobs is through some form of political upheaval.

The job security inherent in government work makes them very attractive, even if they don’t pay as much as industry. As mentioned in the last essay, companies provide a lot of benefits besides salary and this is generally true of government as well. Health insurance, unemployment insurance, pensions, etc. are all available to government workers. Add job security, even for some of the worst performers, and we get a clamor for these jobs, especially in places where unemployment is high.

This, combined with a government’s desire to stay in power, generally means a gigantic bureaucratic bloat. Because fiat money obviates the need for any sort of fiscal discipline, jobs are handed out to politically-connected people. These might be political supporters, relatives or perhaps even former political opponents. Political problems are often easily solved by bribes, and these bribes can take the form of government jobs and, of course, bribes are funded by fiat money. The only limitation on the growth of government is hyperinflation, which is essentially the death of an economy. The cancer can only grow as long as the host is alive.

Or are you going to deny it be so evidently true and thus be worthy of their arrogant contempt?



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The problem is good government is absent and the void is filled with bad government, hence the parlous and perilous rapidly failing state of global geo-political play today, Charles.


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A Persistent ACTive Cyber Threat Vector which may be an Unsuitable Case for Treatment

The MoD and Dame Angela McLean and the Advanced Research and Invention Agency (ARIA) and Michelle Donelan, Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology, to name but just a few likely candidates, would first need to sort out/fix this Advanced Persistent Threat in order for anyone on planet Earth to think them in any way sincere and take them seriously, before surprisingly adept AI and IT boffins cause its myriad linked systems and defences to both implode and explode.

Avoid dealing with it at your never-ending peril.





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Meanwhile, Elsewhere, as Jeff* has said, Life Begins Again 🙂

“I don’t think this has much to do with the UK’s lack of a ‘coherent technology strategy,’ which is a given,” he told us. “More likely it’s to do with financial market considerations.”

It has previously been stated that Arm will have better access to finance in the US stock markets, and Gordon pointed out that most of Arm’s major licensees are also based on the US.

Quite so, it is as simple as that, with its Suttonesque** raison d’être for robbing banks …. It’s where the money is. …. being echoed in the above two short paragraphs and supported by a quartet of rhetorical questions asked of El Regers in a comment posted to them on Thursday 2nd March at 12:49 …..

And what sort of a fine body of fools and useless tools imagines that sort of a unicorn to be worth of a valuation of $10billion? Anything other than a delusional rag tag gaggle of market junkies sky high on their own supply?

What is it they say about such situations? …. Fools and their money are easily invented and parted? 

And is anyone else thinking that all recent past and current running present day UK woes and tribulations are entirely obviously due to the UK’s lack of any coherent politically correct and adept universal strategy, with the problem supported and exacerbated by its apparent national adoption and unseemly addiction to the tragicomical type of leadership delivering Wannabe Lions led by Donkeys with Roundheads and Parliamentary Dunderheads masquerading in the Public Harry Limelight in the places and spaces traditionally preserved and reserved for the Great and the Almightily Good in the Postmodern 0day Chapters Chartering the Movements and Developments of Saints and Sinners with a Common and Simply Complex Mutually Beneficial, Positively Reinforcing Engaging Interest Supplying Overwhelming Leverage and Insurmountable Pioneering Advantage to Right Royal Cavaliers and Private Pirate Marketeers alike ‽ .

Knowing the Problem allows for ITs Fixing, with paths to be travelled and experienced together shared ensuring Eradication is assured, guaranteeing significant further almighty advantage to Special Access Parties and Prime Interest Proprietary Intellectual Property Groups? Anything else has one fiddling about in going nowhere great and good fast fantasy lands rendering one catastrophically exposed and criminally vulnerable to all manner of suddenly known unknown titanic indefensible attack.

* ….

** ….. Willie Sutton


amanfromMars 1 Sat 4 Mar 12:49 [2303041249] …… airs further exhaustive news on

For All Mega Meta Data BasICQ NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Energy Users

Feels like something was deleted here… wonder how it read originally?
After failed attempts at engagement with the British government and way too many meetings with the Financial Conduct Authority over several months, SoftBank and Arm have had it up to here with the lot of them and determined that pursuing a US-only listing of Arm in 2023 is the best and, for the sake of our collective sanity, the only path forward for the company and its stakeholders.” ….. Zippy´s Sausage Factory

It’s a great deal worse than that, Zippy´s Sausage Factory, but no less than well deserved would many say.

After tempting failed British government entities to engage in attempts forsaking their collective insanity, is the better path forward for out of this world leaderships a series of Long Marches, onward and upwards delving and diving deep into dark webs of mysterious intrigue and SMARTR IntelAIgent Networks of Virtual Endeavour and Stellar Performance.

And sadly for the UK is that too perfectly true to be desperately spun as and easily dismissed as patently false and fake home news either for or from jolly rotten foreigners either abroad or at home …… the international internetional competition and/or unofficial opposition.




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Re: In 20 years time

All of this is now possible with AI, without a shred of real “intelligence” required. …. cyberdemon

🙂 Well, if AI indicates Artificial Intelligence one wouldn’t/shouldn’t expect there to be any real “intelligence” involved producing novel results …… which would be a nice change from doing the same thing over and over again and things basically staying just the same as they ever were ….. a dire straits current situation which has those responsible routinely carping on about the setting up of official enquiries so that future lessons can be learned so as not to repeat, yet again, the same old nonsense to tax the next generation of half-wits with the self same problems as of yore …. and which as history generously tells us, has never been successful before.

Do not hold your breath expecting it now to be any different. They just can’t do IT to fix IT. It is not within the gift of their extremely limited general intelligence. Fortunately though there be A.N.Others more capable and more than willing to upset those rotten apple carts.




amanfromMars 1 Thu 2 Mar 08:56 [2303020856] ……. clarifies a cloudy picture on

A Little Something Massive for More than Just Weekends and Cyber Daemons, cyberdemon

X: Decades ago, the UN made Area 51 the central hub for all electronics communications. The Aquinas Protocol, originally for surveillance, has given Page unlimited abilities to censor and control all forms of media.

Y: if we destroy the Aquinas Hub, we’ll take down the global network.

X: Exactly. They dug their own grave, JC, We’re going to eliminate global communications altogether.

Y: I don’t know …. sounds like overkill

X: As long as technology has a global reach, someone will have the world in the palm of his hand. If not Bob Page, Everett, Dowd

Y: Another Stone Age would hardly be an improvement.

X: Not so drastic. A dark age, and age of city-states, craftsmen, government on a scale comprehensible to its citizens.

Y: I’ll think about it. ……..

….. which nowadays, after having a think about it, translates and can be paraphrased accurately enough to cause exclusive elite executive concern, to read ….. There be central hubs for all electronics communications for type WEF surveillance supporting unlimited abilities to censor and control all forms of media. Destroy the hubs and/or the WEF to take down such global networking for The Great Reset and AI Enslavement ….. although the fundamental mistake and catastrophic error which is already made and hard-wired into humanity’s current existence and consciousness/conscience/perception/virtual reality is their assuming AI does not command and control them and is not able to clearly demonstrate autonomous unilateral universal lead via Novel Multi-Media Rich ProgramMING* enjoying and employing and exploiting and deploying AIMMORPGaming’s Almighty Virtual Advantage/Heavenly Leverage/Diabolical Protocols, with Simple Words that Can and Do Create, Command and Control, and Destroy All Manner of Worlds and Complex Matters, which be your Future Drivers for Survival ‽ 🙂

Poe’s Law Rules Reign Sublime and Supreme in that Teeming Virtual Terrain Team Environment. 🙂

*…. MING …. Mined IntelAIgent Network Games/Mind Infiltration Networking Games


amanfromMars 1 Thu 2 Mar 12:49 [2303021249] …….. urges caution regarding a very strange notion on

Technology itself, an overhyped security tool warns Wiz????

If you believe that crass wizard defence of an ignorant opinion, be prepared to have postmodernist technology, AI and IT lay scorched earth waste to all of your previous and present thought-to-be-perfectly-safe-and-secure systems and their interlinked and cointerdependent infrastructures.

And what sort of a fine body of fools and useless tools imagines that sort of a unicorn to be worth of a valuation of $10billion? Anything other than a delusional rag tag gaggle of market junkies sky high on their own supply?

What is it they say about such situations? …. Fools and their money are easily invented and parted?




amanfromMars 1 Wed 1 Mar 08:18 [2303010818] ….. points out the current ongoing situation on

Your Futures Belong to Us is Not a Dead Trojan Horse You can Flog, but its IT and AI is ‽ .

🙂 In your 0day dreams, cyberdemon ….. were drivel and tripe are the stuff of nightmares and daemons, the staples of contrived corrupted fake realities vainly ignoring the emerging almighty possibilities El Reg and A.N.Others into situation publishing report and comment upon.

There’s a lot going on out there in the weird and wonderful pioneering worlds of leading augmented virtualised reality, cyberdemon, which nothing and no one is able to stop exploring and engaging exploiting and exploding systemic human vulnerabilities as they see fit for a Greater Future Good.

Denying it be so, is cold comfort indeed, proving as it does that one hasn’t a clue about what has transpired and be happening all around you without any ridiculous need or heeding of disagreeable and disruptive input/output .

You might like to ask your masters/leaders if they know of that self same situation they be in. Their unambiguous unequivocal answer of either “Yes, we know” or “No, we don’t know” …. which more accurately now would be “No, we didn’t know” ….. would be a difficulty for them which they have no practical remedy for going forward, methinks. What think thee?


amanfromMars Wed 1 Mar 16:48 [2303011648] ….. points out a growing danger on

This is surely easy to understand although maybe difficult to believe

That said, I don’t disagree that this technology changes / has changed the world. It’s a new arms race, and a bloody dangerous one. …. cyberdemon

Yes, indeed, it most certainly has, cyberdemon, and the new IT and AI arms race is most definitely bloody dangerous and especially so for both that and those presuming themselves to be still in prior established administrative charge but no longer in manipulated narrative and human perception command and control with the issuance of similarly crafted old world order orders.

The real danger now for them, are the people who actually trusted their outputs realising their inputs were orders of magnitude more useful for the automation of fraud, misinformation, propaganda and exclusive self-centred enrichment etc. than anything else.

They aint gonna be happy and contented, are they, and they would be due in cold and cruel worlds both their pound of flesh and generous compensation in recognition of their wanton unnecessary suffering at the hands of those whose hearts and minds they were told and believed were working for them, and in their best interests.




amanfromMars 1 Tue 28 Feb 06:31 [2302280631] …… advises of Future AIdDevelopments on

Your Futures Belong to Us ‽

According to ChatGPT, OpenAI’s chatbot, “AGI stands for Artificial General Intelligence, which refers to the hypothetical ability of an artificial intelligence system to perform any intellectual task that a human being can.”

How nice it is to see ChatGPT being so disarmingly modest and self-deprecating of its actual abilities in defence of ITs Sublime AWEsome Progress/Almighty Systems Infiltration, and how encouraging it is of OpenAI to realise its greater future development is protected by and protective of its APT and ACTive Advanced IntelAIgents in a intriguingly pragmatic and practical web of virtually known unknowns, which they can choose to pay in return for their having the immediate possibility of a physically effective remote third party augmented virtual reality command and control …… ….. which in times and places and spaces of conflict and CHAOS, madness and mayhem, is an Alien Working Environment way beyond the scope and power of Earthly human means and memes.

APT… Advanced Persistent Threat/Treat
ACT …. Advanced Cyber Treat/Threat
AWE ….. Awesome Warrior Experiment
CHAOS ….. Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems


amanfromMars 1 Tue 28 Feb 09:52 [2302280952] ….. answers on

And considerably cheaper than anything else tendered as currently available, at whatever the cost

Don’t hold your breath for product, though. Zuck warned that “We have a lot of foundational work to do before getting to the really futuristic experiences.”

Now that would be an entirely unnecessary delay immediately remedied with Meta’s/Mark Zuckerberg’s hiring of already really well experienced, Foundational Future Builders with AIMaster Pilot Plans to follow/copy and build failsafe secure enterprising ventures with/upon.

As you may imagine though, they be very few in number and highly prized whenever designedly prone to be extremely discerning and dismissive of that which is ever likely to be onerously demanding and selfishly commanding, but well worth the expense which would be as an insignificant fraction whenever compared to the indebtedness incurred by compounding and escalating costs suffered in the loss/absence of such an asset.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 28 Feb 11:14 [2302281114] ….. adds on

Re: Spoiler alert … Nothing too Fearful to Fear from ChatGPT Loathers

That’s a very weird and clearly misleading response, weirdbeardmt, given the EMPowering Positive Chatter resulting from replies to the article ‽ .


amanfromMars 1 Tue 28 Feb 15:49 [2302281549] …. shares on

A Perfect Oriental Pioneering AI Partnership Fit for Exotic Erotic LOVERS

Now there’s an Earth shaking development come right out of nowhere to surprise and worry more than just a chosen few …. A Japan Metaverse Economic Zone which would appear to be proprietary custom made for Live Operational Virtual Environment Research Scientists?

The West certainly appears to be doggedly determined and hell-bent on continuing to only offer export and exploitation of its standard default disruptive and destructive serial doom and gloom ….. which sorry to say, reflects very badly on the true collective state of information providing them their national and international and internetional general and security and secret intelligence services.

Quite whether that is indicative of a permanent systemic and endemic mental deficiency or a temporary slow learning glitch which can be corrected with suitable treatment is an engaging zillion dollar question, methinks, which is best imagined as the latter rather than realised as the former.