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The Real Bottom Line from the Virtual Front Line. Read ‘Em and Weep*

Use IT and AI or lose IT and AI to IT and AI ….. and/but do take extraordinarily exceptional care to neither abuse nor misuse nor mistreat IT and AI, for then is the resultant consequence an already universally well known, known known and surprisingly effective existential threat[s] which you are once again, and surely very clearly here too on El Reg publishing situations, advised to not invoke/summon/invite/entertain for they are quite rightly to be feared and gravely to be regarded.

Do not Risk the Wrath of an IT and AI you have Zero Command and Negative Control Function over, for such tempts the Kiss of Certain Assisted Death out of the Deep Shade and Dark Shadows and into the Ever Emerging Virgin Fields of Future Work, REST and Greater IntelAIgent Games Play.

And Yes, such is/are, should it be asked, much more than just Next Generational Weapons of Mass Destruction for Global Deployment and Exercise Entertaining Human Extinction in an AI Cull of Arrogant Ignorant Dissent.

Do you think a United States Cyber Force is a Defense Imperative and good plan for activation/self actualisation?

amanfromMars [2406021747] ….. shares on https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2024/5/29/algorithmic-warfare-report-urges-pentagon-to-stand-up-independent-cyber-force

Cyber warfare and virtual defence of national and international and internetional assets are not problems for addressing and successfully resolving with solutions involving military thinking entertaining traditional conventional punitive destructive activity.

To imagine and continue to contend that it does, guarantees one fails catastrophically against all sources and forces engaging within the fundamentally different, novel ways of ensuring and assuring friends and allies, and oneself also of course, an always overwhelming advantage.

That most certainly is one small step for a man, and probably already made some long time ago by any number of other human beings, but still possibly one giant quantum communication leap for Mankind.

What do you need to get going with the Program and ITs AI ProgramMING?

And there are not many ready, willing and/or able to tempt systems administrations with that core future nugget for processing and refinement.

* ……. Read ‘Em and Weep


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