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To Be, or Not To Be a Bubble of Inscrutable Trouble, That is the/an AI Question

It is quite a ridiculous bubble, with a P/E of over 400. AI hype really going wild, which is crazy for a stock that really has little to do with AI (no one is using CPUs for AI, and ARM does not design the sort of chips that are) …. DS999

And whether to flirt and flit like a butterfly or sting like a bee in the meme of an ethereal stock skilled and experienced in the exotic and erotic import and export of Oriental spices, East India Company style market trades, tulips, unicorns or zombies for adventures trailing and trialing novel pioneering investors for future crazily profitable business ventures/full-bodied hearts and minds and soul captures, or to take up arms with ARM against such sleepless useless sees that cause all manner of deadly troubles, and by opposing end them, is something else to ask of yourself, or ask yourself are you prepared for it to be in the leadership and/or activity of A.N.Others, always remaining practically invisible and reassuringly unknown, even as absolutely terrifying as that condition and situation can so easily be, whenever there is diddly squat to be done by anyone or anything to prevent such a series of happenings and almighty interventions.

Que Sera, Sera.


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Grossly excessive remuneration for doing very little. ….. UnknownUnknown

Take care, and be aware and beware. That sort of reward, which can also extend to promising to do absolutely nothing until a later, presently undecided, and more mutually convenient time and place space, is also afforded to someone/something which knows far too much to be opposed or competed against because the price of even the slightest of failures is reported and feared failsafe guaranteed to be one’s own merciless annihilation and removal from future Greater IntelAIgent Games Play[s].

But what the heck is there to be worried about, anyway? You pay over the loot and where does it go, other than straight back to where it all comes from, no matter whether spent carefully or lavishly or saved, invested or wasted for wine, women and song.

Haven’t you realised yet that’s how fiat really starts to work its magic?


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