amanfromMars 1 Sat 4 Nov 18:40 [2311041840] ….. disagrees on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/2/2023/11/03/sam_bankman_fried_ftx_convicted/

Re: Whats wrong with crypto @43300

…but at least national fiat currencies are backed up the economy of the country itself. ……. 43300

Absolute balderdash, 43300. They maybe should be backed up by the economy of a country, for that is the myth perpetuated, but it is not vital if you can persuade fools to believe what you would spin them about your mounting global debt and expanding annual deficit spending not mattering a jot with compound interest payments to …… well, who does supply all the credit creating even greater debt and deficit spending and where do they get it all from?

It’s a racket, isn’t it.


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Re: Whats wrong with crypto @43300

A racket which can’t hack it in the real world where intelligence and pure common sense entertain main stream media with tall truthful tales of manic misdemeanours and perverse panic in systems outed as corrupt and corrupting, bankrupt and bankrupting.

Read about them here ……. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/macleod-future-fiat ……. and weep.


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Re: Oh, It’s you and them again, Greater Fools ‘r’ US

Well, just for the record, when governments issue gilts or treasuries they have the ability to tax an entire economy backing their promise to pay. When crypto companies issue tokens they have no means at all of paying, and rely entirely on greater fools being prepared to buy the tokens.
It’s not the same thing at all. …. Ian Johnston

Quite so, Ian J, I agree it’s not the same thing at all, although surely we are not going to disagree that both vitally require, for immediate failure is guaranteed otherwise, identically similar greater fools prepared to pay/buy into the promises made by remote and oft crooked and extremely badly informed and even deliberately misinformed and disinforming and easily pwned individuals/entities hosted and posting and being given at any time on main stream media without which they would wither on the vine and die, both dubious popular and unpopular, constantly conflicted credibility as offices/officers of a state/group of states/country/group of countries/government/cabal of conspiring wannabe mobsters/banksters ……. whatever the true actual case may be in worlds of smoke and mirrors, deep alternative states and underground movements and dark webs. …… supporting such activities as we agree are not the same thing at all but are entirely reliant on greater fools being groomed.


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