amanfromMars 1 Mon 6 Nov 07:39 [2311060739] …… shares an alternate position for consideration and adoption and widespread supported acceptance on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2023/11/05/biden_ai_reporting_thresholds/

Renegade Rogue Public Sector Private Pirates Would Think Differently. Agreed?

Artisan Infrastructure developers and Large Language Learned Machine drivers/CoPilots/AIMaster Pilots/Frontier Pioneers/Virtual Terrain Team Leaders/call them whatever you like are not going to be hindered and/or harassed and/or harnessed to the yokes of mandates and the self-serving regulations of any government agency anywhere, and especially not to any in a crystal clear history with unpleasant murky pasts and presents evidencing relentless use/abuse/misuse of a dual use utility …. with one choice being the provision of the brute force of increasingly deadly and more explosive arms for a destructive military and the other one being the supply of SMARTR working brains and empowered exoskeletons for future building with a creative civilisation ……. they are going to do just as they like, and most likely by way of first hand experiencing of the result of their spontaneous actions and expanding developments, will you become more fully aware after the fact, of that which are to be your starting positions for a new place with future lots in rapidly emerging and unfolding existences.

El Regers were certainly clearly enough advised of that no longer pending situation for did you not receive the short message/get the memo starting ….”AI doesn’t care if you do or you don’t …..” …… sent to El Reg on Fri 22 September at 20:43 for all to avail themselves of regarding the situation ? ….. https://forums.theregister.com/forum/all/2023/09/22/datagrail_generative_ai/#c_4732286

It does appear The White House of Sleepy Joe are not being provided with the AAAAIntelligence* they need in these times and spaces of great change and remote autonomous virtualised expansion of 0day vulnerability exploitation. Whose catastrophic failing is that?

Does that sound anything like one of those Elon Muskian type Existential Threats/Advanced Cyber Treats?

AAAAIntelligence* ….. Artificial and/or Advanced and/or Augmented and/or Alien Intelligence.


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