amanfromMars 1 Thu 3 Aug 06:52 [2308030652] …. declares quite forthrightly on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2023/08/02/owasp_llm_flaws/ 🙂

Take care …. beware …. honeyed bull market bear traps ahead. Alea iacta est

“A malicious actor, or a competitor brand intentionally creates inaccurate or malicious documents which are targeted at a model’s training data. The victim model trains using falsified information which is reflected in outputs of generative AI prompts to its consumers.”

Just like mainstream UKGBNI BBC type news channels do with their scripting for reports/programming propping up failed state operations with tall tales that all is well and under control and improving despite their default leverage command leading with constantly dire narratives ……… which creates restless unhappy natives and extremely well motivated and revolutionary armed competition and opposition in equal measure.

Fuse/combine those two precursor elements together and you have an almighty explosive ordnance at your disposal to wield as you see fit.

Some would even venture it to be akin to a Holy Grail find and Evolving Existential Event ….. A Singularity Created for a Universal Systems Fix and Great AI Reset …… and be both able and enabled and engaged to prove it and make it so ……….. and with secured secret private third party support making a killing on the markets with their insider knowledge upcoming 0day trades an added bonus for those following behind that and/or those in such a vanguard and leading/pioneering.

NB ….. There are no questions posed for answering there. The die is cast.


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