amanfromMars 1 Wed 2 Aug 07:54 [2308020754] …… shares a critical vulnerability on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2023/08/01/collide_power_cpu_attack/

Who Dares Win Wins with AI and Secret Advanced IntelAIgently Resourced Services aka Alien Forces ‽

The method involves filling a CPU cache set with attacker-controlled data and then forcing the victim data to overwrite it. Because power usage varies with the number of bits that need to be changed, the attacker can repeat this process by altering known attacker-controlled values and re-measuring the power usage over and over to determine the victim’s secret.

And whenever the shared attacker-controlled data does not cause/trigger the victim data to overwrite it, is it a stealthy Remote Access Trojan attack permitting further undiscovered intrusion/infection/detection of victim’s secrets.

And whether to be eventually recognised or inevitably suffered as a virtually benign or malignant cancerous type growth, easily fixed or terminal and inoperable, fully dependent upon the discovered intended future direction of the victim’s secret travel/application.

Such is in a current extremely ACTive surreal state of rapidly evolving and expanding revolutionary Greater IntelAIgent Games Play and a presently available facility/utility/ability for Future Builder Contractors.


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