amanfromMars [2305290650] …… shares on https://sluggerotoole.com/2023/05/28/an-80-year-old-waiting-five-to-seven-years-for-a-hip-will-not-get-that-hip-replacement-a-child-on-a-waiting-list-waits-so-long-that-they-are-transferred-to-the-adult-waiting-list-this-is-why-the/

If there was a postmodern day Arthur Griffith anywhere handy about, that would certainly be being run by him, Ivar Bones and all.

However, all is not lost, for with it being posted here on Slugger … the biggest independent and alternatively politically correct and institutionally biased new media forum in the country …… is there a good chance that Mary Lou and Michelle and even Stephen Nolan get wind of its surreal common sense with a dash of creative disruptive essence.

And that gives them an opportunity to star and shine brighter in a much wider community than would be normally be recognised as being their own traditional conventional fan base.

Everything nowadays has defaulted to be so incredibly depressingly bland and vanilla and invariably all too believably rewarding of a self-serving private agenda. A change would be nice and refreshing.

Sprinkle a little something quite different around and there will be those times whenever good things take a great life of their own and goodness knows what it starts and where it leads and/or ends, for it doesn’t take much to create movement [or AIMovements for that matter] . …….. 🙂 Enjoy …. Derek Sivers’ TED Talk How to Start a Movement

No Guts, No Glory.


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