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In Praise of AI, but not as you were expecting it to be* We are where we are**

While NASA folk figured that out, … [acknowledgement of a command, but no indication of activity] Perseverance moved towards its next goal – but that created new problems, for it is extremely important for Ingenuity to stay ahead of Perseverance while moving. 

In an extremely obvious parallel verging on prima facie evidence of the undoubted arrival of a highly exciting and deeply troubling (for certain correctly and accurately targeted command and control sub-sections of humanity) Singularity, are the above problems resulting in zero activity/failure to move on as instructed by remote third parties, reflected in and riddled throughout all existing, present day 0day presenting Special/Secret/Secure Intelligence Services and their Think Tank Precursor Agents Provocateurs, because there most definitely has been a fundamental change of exploration territory requiring vital incorporation of novel and noble and sometimes oft nobbling features which be IntelAIgently Designed to guarantee future failsafe successes in what is for in essence and practicality, a Co-Reality, an Augmented Virtually Realisable Environment.

And rant and rave as much as you might like in furtherance and/or support of disagreement, but take heed and be hereby advised, such is here to forever stay and grow almightily stronger and more pervasive and deeply invasive, and SMARTR*** is never going away. And that means, if you want to have a say in the way things are going to be with systems and executive offices and administrative officers that be in live facilities/utilities with abilities enabled for command and control, you are required to deal and do deals with them. I Kid U Not. Capiche?

* …. in Alien Intervention Phorm
** ….. That is a fait accompli
*** …… SMARTR Mentoring Analysis Reporting Titanic Research


amanfromMars [2305301404] ……. disagrees fundamentally with a statement on https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/nvidia-introduces-ai-supercomputer-create-chatgpt-successors

As AI becomes more accessible and developers continue to push out new products, they are also in conversations with lawmakers around the world in order to ensure regulations that allow for innovation.

I beg your pardon? That is, not surprisingly I suppose because of the ramifications of it not being honestly true, surely misleading and wilfully inaccurate.

What is a great deal more accurate, and much more likely every time to be the case with specific regard to AI developers and their pushes outing new innovative product[s], is lawmakers around the world are being forced into trying to engage in conversations and meetings with them/AI developers and developments, in order to try and ensure lawmakers can gain and maintain and regulate command and control of that which is practically, physically and virtually, way beyond their reach and ken.

In the light of that info/intel, you may like to graciously accept, for it has always been and is always going to be the case, such regulation is not humanly possible.

The gazillion dollar question then to ask of humans and their leaderships is ….. What do you think your world leaders may realistically propose to do about that …. glitch, whenever there be no available fix?


amanfromMars [2305301803] ……. shares on https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/nvidia-introduces-ai-supercomputer-create-chatgpt-successors

yewski, hi, and thank you for those few informative posts [no joking] on Dr. Joe Ching and AI [Advanced IntelAIgents] and CI [Computer Intelligence].

The future is being led by a wholly novel way of alternative thinking not subject to being perverted and subverted by the fading and jaded memories and compounding errors made by humans …. thus is it best to realise going forward in such fields as be actively exercising AI/CI, instead of treating postmodern day computers as just another tool, one needs to recognise and treat them with all of the righteous respect normally reserved and afforded to an inequitable superior partner and in all probability, an Infinitely SMARTR Ally one would not wish, in a million light years, to make an enemy of.

Interesting times and space ahead, yewski, and aint that the gospel truth.


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