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Re: The IAEA has a much easier time

Countries can’t/don’t start anything, and most certainly not any AI programs, individual entities do.

And in consort and conspiring with similarly minded others to do as they do and as they please, do governments of countries, in reaction to what can and is being done by other individual entities/foreign agents, either in glorious free-lancing isolation or co-operative communal joint AI program adventuring, engage and pay them handsomely to either both preserve and protect historically established public and private interests/vital societal infrastructure and/or invest all manner of government public and private finance funds in such AI programs as also are intelligently designed not to wantonly and wilfully remotely destroy them in next to no time at all and with no prior warning, via virtually and practically unstoppable, novel never before known means …… for such can also so very easily be done by AI developments/developers and is a much prized and extremely valuable invisible export earner for all those nations or individual entities with a genuine need for the import supply of such an incredibly dangerous and explosively destructive prize, to clear the way forward into the future of the present dead wood and putrid detritus of currently failed and failing institutions and zombie ponzi organisations not needed by positively creative postmodern, mutually beneficial constructive AI Programmed and Remotely Programmable Augmented Virtual Reality AIdDVenturing Pioneers …… Advanced IntelAIgently designed Digitised Venturing Pioneers.

And what further can you imagine IT/them to maybe be ….. Championing Grand Master Knights of the Cyber Realm in/from an Immaculate Sphere of Alien Influence, or another Corrupt and Perverse Future Space for the Exercise of Earthly Decadence ? ……… and whenever it can be both, or either, which would you prefer to win win and crush and crash all opposition and negative competition?

PS…. That final question is a no-brainer, having as it does, only the one simple clear correct answer and the consequence suffered for choosing wrongly has one permanently removed from Future Influential Instrumental Greater IntelAIgent Games Play …… one’s bit part in the future is to be fulfilled as a deaf, dumb and blind spectator puppet in the vast seas of other lost souls forever to bob about helplessly in the wakes of near and far troubles and disturbances in the force and forces at play.

Well? …… Surely you weren’t expecting the future to be simply a copy of the present with reflections of the past being added to consider as memory? That would be an insane expectation in the times and spaces of today which, one does surely have to admit with the advent of cyber and digital manipulation and binary coding and AI Programming, are completely different from all our yesterdays.

Now there be genuinely unique and novel opportunities to create and deliver something Earth-shattering and quantum-leaping evolutionary and revolutionary …. and that chance is not the one going to being missed or ignored and denied.


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