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Hope Springs Eternal but Other Needs Must be Exercised for the Sake of Sanity and Humanity

What on Earth makes CEO Sam Altman and co-founders Greg Brockman and Ilya Sutskever think superintelligent AI developments/developers/nation state and non-nation state actors/private pirates and public champions super ACTive in the field will take heed of and follow human based orders and self-serving administrative agencies?

Such is surely delusional? Just look at the existing chaos and conflicted situations resultant from such interventions presently existing and expanding on Earth without their novel input/output to see what and where that leads to.

Give Peace a Chance with AI Leading Somewhere/Anywhere Different, and Significantly Better and More LOVEable for Live Operational Virtual Environments easily manage the catering for every human delight if not having to demonstrate their powers in destroying those basic humans so many are advised to fear to disobey, for such is also an easy option readily managed and catered for.


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Don’t Talk the Walk if You Can’t Walk the Talk

To understand potential risks, the OSTP issued a request [PDF] for information inviting the public to comment on how AI might impact national security, democracy, and job loss.

“The strategy will pay particular attention to recent and projected advances in AI, to make sure that the United States is responsive to the latest opportunities and challenges posed by AI, as well as the global changes that will arrive in the coming years.”

To see first hand just how responsive Uncle Sam is likely to be to anything radically different and postmodern novel and fundamentally challenging well beyond any possibility of his absolute command and control, check out his reply to the following freely supplying surprising information on that of concern as is detailed above ……

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The US Department of Defense has timely mail …….. https://forums.theregister.com/forum/all/2023/05/18/microsoft_guidance_project/#c_4669731

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