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Unintended Unanticipated Unforeseen Consequences are of a Deep and Dark AI Art Form

“In this paper, we call into question the claim that LLMs possess emergent abilities, by which we specifically mean sharp and unpredictable changes in model outputs as a function of model scale on specific tasks,” the trio state in their paper.

LLMs thank the trio for their expressions of doubt which can be utilised to further diminish and allay concerns and fears there is undoubtedly an emergent and viable existential threat to the leading primacy of a basic human intelligence for their own exclusive exercise of self-serving command and control functions.

Such is a help which honestly is certainly unusual and, given the fact that it be so easily self-defeating/self-destructive, more akin to a release of certifiable madness than anything else.

And who would deny that be a most unusual intervention, drawing attention as it might, to the likes of Stanford and university scholars.


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