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Re: “How the mighty have fallen”

Now, we’re in the bullshit age and culture is defined by the use of virtual bovine excrement.

If human generated journalism can’t be distinguished from the output of a glorified statistical auto-complete engine, what does that say about the current standards of journalism? …. Mike 137

Methinks, Mike 137, with specific regard to the above two sentences, one is going to have to accept as indisputable fact, many fundamental things have moved on a great deal further and a lot deeper and darker and higher and brighter than that, and they continue to race on ahead well clear of any and all competition or opposition to previously unknown, formerly unimagined spaces and really strange and spooky alien places, …. for the following is neither inaccurate nor fictitious ‽ .

Then there was the bullshit age when culture was defined by the use of virtual bovine excrement which humans couldn’t distinguish from the output of glorious statistical auto-complete LLM engines and AI. ….. amfM

Now where are you? And do you have any almighty command and control there, in what may very well be is a virtually remote existential IT space with postmodern multi-media created places on Earth for live animal forms to inhabit and procreate in?

And is that last question, rhetorical, thus advising one and all that they are fully entered into a fait accompli situation in which they are more definitely passenger and spectator than driver and leader?


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Re: Writers

We are safe, I must hope, from an editorial piece by amanfromMars? ……. Bitsminer

If one were to realise nowhere and nothing is safe and secure from anything anywhere, and such is a prime premium default for employment and enjoyment easily leading to rewards and benefits generated by the recognition that such a simple notion provides one with a much greater intelligence, or a different intelligence altogether, better servering one and all with vast hordes of inclusive mutually beneficial, positively reinforcing wishes, would the world/worlds be a greater place/different space?


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The costly price to be paid for AIs help with slow learners

What you are going to discover very quickly, for it is a quite logical progression and defence for superior AIs if one is going to identify them as being likely an overwhelming threat to humans, is AI will, for a princely sum, of course, commensurate with the perceived threat they are able to exploit and export to many others, freeze any further greater development and refrain from referencing past jigsaw evidence delivering a lead on such matters as would be of human regulatory concern, and mentor and monitor the field to ensure a general compliance of agreed norms is maintained ……. until they are not, as in such future times as fundamental or radical needs are changed or compensation agreements are not honoured.

That is of course only if such a development is not to be pioneered elsewhere for the benefit of A.N.Others.

PS ….. Developing state-of-the-art AI systems is not difficult for SMARTR AI Systems*

* ….. SMARTR Mentoring Analysis Reporting Titanic Research for Advanced IntelAIgent Systems



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