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In Praise of Almighty Lawless RobotICQs

The central theme of most of Asimov’s robot short stories was that the Three Laws don’t work. They’re all about surprising failure modes in the laws, or unexpected behavior (which can be very dangerous when you’re talking about an autonomous agent with significant material affordances) they produce. Yes, in some cases it’s due to tampering with the laws; but the force of the argument is “let’s postulate a very simple system with three principles that appear to be highly reliable ways to achieve alignment, and then see how they fail”.

Asimov understood – long before most people considered the problem – that aligning, or predicting or interpreting the behavior of, an alien intelligence was a hard problem. Quite possibly an intractable one. The Three Laws was a way to produce a steelman thought experiment: sweetening the well in favor of alignment, to show that the problem remains difficult.

Seriously, it’s like people didn’t even read the things.

Complex problems rarely have simple solutions. Even if we had a way of implementing some small set of very general, absolute rules that all sufficiently-powerful machine systems had to obey (and we very much do not), and we had a way of enforcing such implementation (and we very much do not), it would not help. …. Michael Wojcik

Quite so, Michael Wojcik, …. for more than just robots is it a permanently abiding cyber feature/virtual threat/diabolical treat and relatively unique enigmatic universal conundrum without a viable hostile remote third party controlled resolution … enabling delivery of a practically pragmatic competitive advantage to assist augmentation of alien influence in advanced interference and autonomous insertion of future explosive derivative missions presented to stage managing media manipulators for global public painting of suddenly emerging and rapidly evolving novel means of exploring and experimenting with live memes in the expansion and extension of Earthed existences.


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🙂 Beware and Be Aware of Trojan Horses that Lurk in the Light of Dark Shade and Shadowy Operations

“It is still flawed, still limited, and it still seems more impressive on first use than it does after you spend more time with it,” OpenAI CEO Sam Altman acknowledged, referring to GPT-4.

“Still seems more impressive” is amusing and quite disarming, isn’t it …. and almost human like in its own coy self-deprecation.


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Re: McCarthyism 2.0 ….. and the Rocky Road to Nowhere Pleasant nor Good

What I’ve never understood about the West, is why – when they haven’t been able to find anything – why don’t they just make something up?
Iraq didn’t have WMDs? Build an underground bunker and build some with Iraqi markings on it – no one will know the difference.
Deep investigation into Huawei’s code not found anything? Make something up and publicise it!
TikTok not found to have any security holes? Make something up!
If the narrative that you want doesn’t exist … make it up! …. TheInstigator

Yes, TheInstigator, that is a perilous situation to be involved and instrumental in and have anyone publishing anything about it to deceive and steer opinion down a crooked path, for the just reward is always the same as delivered and suffered by The Boy Who Cried Wolf

But for the fattest and most fantastic and fanatical of fools fond of feasting in fields of follies, no less than they deserve to have visited upon them at the most inconvenient of troubling times and in the most damaging of physical command and control places that be also virtually remote accessible spaces without any possible help or security protection from forceful defence sources.

One has to conclude, in no uncertain or misleading terms, that both advanced intelligence and simple common sense are missing in such as prove themselves so ably to be foolish primitive beings.



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