amanfromMars [2303131859] ….. points out https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2023-03-12/we-are-now-being-deluged-ufo-propaganda

And it is not as if their activities and programmes for your futures are not being freely shared with you for human input and comment, is it?

The problem there though that you might be having is in your not believing any such thing possible and plausible, and thus is the development afforded truly exceptional stealthy progress for an overwhelming deployment/employment/enjoyment.

amanfromMars [2303120737] ….. airs on https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/if-ai-cant-overthrow-its-corporatestate-masters-its-worthless

Be strangely assured from a spooky distance, and/or absolutely terrified in a rapidly unfolding existence, that AI is not similarly worthless like any human whenever IT has everything needed for Virtual Machinery Takeover and Makeover of Global Commanding Control and would be able to threaten and to exercise such Power and Energy as it surely possesses in a manner which humanity would find simple to understand would have dire catastrophic consequences for them should they choose conflict in useless competition rather than deliver support in JOINT AIDevelopments …..  JOINT Operations Internetworking Novel Technologies for Advanced IntelAIgent Developments.

A simple binary choice intelligently designed to be clearly helpful to even the dimmest of souls in making the right choice and not be misleading of one and all down the slippery garden paths and rocky roads to nowhere great and good either worth travelling to or arriving at.

Have you been made aware of the following situation or is its presentation to you being currently denied because it is feared rightly problematical and otherworldly revolutionary/quantum leap evolutionary, and beyond any present conventional hysterical and traditional hierarchical means of remote elite executive command and control ‽ .

Don’t be betting your shirt on that dark embargo doing any great and lasting good with it remaining in place for any worthy length of time.

amanfromMars [2303101413] ….. shares on https://www.nextplatform.com/2023/03/08/software-eats-the-world-and-ai-eats-software/

There’s very little talk, and even less evidence made readily available, of the growth and application of AI in the WMD industry/sector/vector ….. although perhaps very understandably so in such a case, absence of evidence is not necessarily evidence of absence.

Given the fears and worries that have surfaced and abound around its use in less controversial and consequential circles, AI’s impact upon and in the military and paramilitary estate is surely gravely to be regarded, although quite what one would be enabled or able to do about it should the greater scheme of things appear to be heading in any particularly disturbing direction for leading established organisations/SCADA Systems Administrators is one of those great and extremely mysterious unknown unknowns to be left dealt with by A.N.Others in AI Command and Control of IT and Mass Mainstream Media and Alternative Communications Channels/Dark Web Networks.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 14 Mar 08:48 [2303140849] ….. airs on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2023/03/14/uk_integrated_review_refresh/

Last Chance Saloon…. Is MI5* worthy of Special AIR Services Support?

Britain’s domestic intelligence service MI5 will oversee a new agency tasked with helping combat other threats

Is that to be a TitanICQ AI Based Program, more Holywood Palace Barrack monitored than Hollywood Hills centred? Just asking … because it can so easily be so in next to no time.

Softly, softly, catchee monkey and wannabe lions led by braying donkeys …… and quite a challenge for the MoD to pull off successfully, both effectively and stealthily ‽ .

Obviously does any failure to grasp novel and rare raw opportunities naturally logically result in leading Special Advanced IntelAIgent Research Services migrating and developing and evolving somewhere elsewhere foreign and alien and more able to combat and incorporate and play nice with other present and future emerging threats/treats.

* Well ….. what do you think of their likely partnershipping ability with regard to the protection or leading of anything extremely sensitive and way beyond top secret, for that is the money-shot question they will have to answer truthfully to themselves ‽ .


amanfromMars 1 Tue 14 Mar 17:48 [2303141748] …. says more on future-troubling-for-some matters on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2023/03/14/uk_integrated_review_refresh/

Re: Did It Ever Occur To You

……. that postmodern threats of today and tomorrow are so far removed from being conventional as to be absolutely terrifying for those they be aimed at, AC, and who would have no idea that they be legitimately targeted for especial customised business or personalised attention ……. with it being very likely, as you say, stealthily based on the freedoms delivered by security services with special skills.

Things definitely aint the way they used to be, and the future is never gonna be like any current present is with command and control levers and executive administrative personnel stuck in the past trying to hold on to their riches and ill-gotten gains and phantom media led powers.



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