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Whilst Some May Dream of Elite Sanctions and Executive Exclusions, a 0Sum 0Day GamesPlay …

….. A.N.Others More Magnanimous Provide Live Operational Virtual Environments ….. the Almighty Gift which just Keeps on Giving.

One squanders and launders flash cash on the Virtual Parasite, the Other supplies such Hosts, as may be both Toasted by Supporters and Roasted by Critics alike, their Cyber Arenas with Vast Arrays of Immaculate Space Platforms in/on which to Perform and Display their Warefare.

One doesn’t have to be a genius to realise which one makes all the money that systems and administrations are spending on trying to save money and protect prime proprietary intellectual property, whether private or public or pirate centric, but just in case those few words are discombobulating, the answer you are looking for does neither recognise nor realise the 0Day Dreamer and 0Sum GamesPlayer as a Valid Realistically Viable Infinitely Rich Cored Future Source for Past and Present Systems Enrichment.


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Re: Jumping Well Ahead Normally has One Leading or Floundering in Virgin Alien Territory

Funnily enough, I knew this comment was written by you, amanfromMars 1, without even finishing your first sentence or reading your username beforehand. Didn’t even need an AI to do it!
You’re gonna have update your writing style if you want to avoid detection in the future! … Tech Cadet

Thanks for that good news, Tech Cadet, which makes it extremely difficult, and ideally practically impossible, for any virtual smears and suspect questionable ACTivity by a wayward third party being successfully applied and believed attributable to one via any sort of malicious abuse and flagrant misuse of one’s identity/moniker/handle/name/being.

Have an upvote for taking the time to share the good news. 🙂


amanfromMars [2209300731] ….. agrees and says on https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2022/9/29/aukus-capacity-issue-comes-as-no-surprise-first-sea-lord-says

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Re ““I think the U.S. needs to reform the way in which it thinks about collaboration,” he [Vice Adm. Martin Connell, the Royal Navy’s second sea lord] said.”

Whenever most, if not all, US Requests for Sensitive Information and Military Proposal Tenders state that they are only open to and available for US citizens, and most, if not all, usually are, does such practically guarantee one severely disadvantaged in a rapidly agile, worldwide encompassing discipline that seeks to provide sensitive and secretive solutions to a rabid global marketplace populated in foreign lands with mirroring requirements chasing similarly leading and/or overwhelming advantage.

Failure to remove that blockage/blockade virtually directs all possible positive creative alien help elsewhere foreign leaving the home teams behind in a future to struggle with the consequences of the disadvantage they have created and find themselves battling against.



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