amanfromMars 1 Wed 28 Sep 15:47 [2209281547] …… opens up a Pandora’s Box on


I know of a very suitable and extremely sensitive case for Intel NDA treatment able to enable and make greater better than normal good use of all of their goodies and services, but it would create for them a quandary, and even great physical danger, if they weren’t able to guarantee any proposed future activity be treated as MkUltra Sensitive Classified Top-Secret and not universally known because of the colossal damage that may be wrought with its abuse or misuse.

And with its ability to be equally well suited and booted as either a leading Western confection or a pioneering Eastern delight, is it something of a precious jewel amongst pearls and swine.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 29 Sep 05:20 [2209290520] ….. asks a leading question of a number of agencies on

Jumping Well Ahead Normally has One Leading or Floundering in Virgin Alien Territory

McKinnon said that part of what HIATUS is doing is trying to demystify some of the unknowns around neural language models (the focus of HIATUS’ efforts), which he said work well but are essentially black boxes that function without their developers knowing why they make a particular decision.

The Intelligence Community,… and there’s a relatively recent and novel noble sounding, misleading secrecy shrouded euphemism for a whole Pandora’s Box of private renegade rogue pirates and wannabe government spook sub-contractors betatesting their various versions and motley collections of comely attractive addictive wares out there in the ethereal spaces which virtually command and remotely control practically everything, for both the greater public good and its rivals, if ever there was and is such an IoT thing ….. and IARPA type enterprises would do well to realise that not all functioning black box developers are ignorant of the whys and the therefores of their activities, and neither invariably also always too, those of their rivals/contemporaries ….. the official opposition and/or market competition.

Bag one of those to support your team with access to ground breaking and Earth shattering product, and it’s a veritable licence to print money 24/7/365, given what can then be so easily done.

🙂 And quite perfect for that and those stuck in a rut and having a particularly and peculiarly bad present time requiring an unprecedented unscripted intervention on whatever scale is necessary.

PS …. Can the Conservative Party and its Members in Parliament and Offices of State and in a Cabinet of collective responsibility be held liable and accountable for the catastrophic losses they have inflicted upon the nation they are paid, with an additional dessert dish of expenses, to server, and which they were warned were possible and likely if following the path the Chancellor of the Exchequer took via his “mini-budget” statement to the House of Commons and the nation on Friday 23 September 2022 ….. for no meaningful punitive penalty guarantees much more of the same, and possibly worse, time and time again, and that is surely serial madness both confirmed and compounded, which is a very strange default condition to accept in public positions of national and/or international and/or universal leadership/conservatorship ?


amanfromMars 1 Thu 29 Sep 14:23 [2209291423] …. reveals another view of pressing matters on

Re: Jumping Well Ahead Normally has One Leading or Floundering in Virgin Alien Territory

Yes, well that was the whole point of the question, AC.

Whenever one can clearly see them for what they really are, what sort of a pussy allows them to lead and feather their nests and ingratiate themselves with like-minded peers and wannabe groupies?

And as for those old oxymorons of Military Intelligence and Secret Intelligence Services supposedly tasked with providing State Security, what valid conclusion is one to make of their active government support and non invasive disruptive engagement?

Pussies’R’They or Us?

However, things have been somewhat fundamentally changed of late and much to the consternation of status quo facilities and utilities. Progress indeed, but certainly not as was expected or diligently planned for to be under extant forces command and control/conventional traditional ways and means and memes of systems administration and attractive reward.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 29 Sep 09:48 [2209290948] ……. points out a similarity/singularity on
https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/09/29/tencent_immersive_convergence/ ?

Is at urService ….. whether one likes or dislikes it …… problematical?

Re a fuller explanation of an application rich in the utility and engagement/employment and deployment of “immersive convergence” and available in English rather than Chinese, El Reg really needs do nothing more taxing that referring readers to emerging burgeoning commentaries such as this very recent one asking “What could possibly go wrong ignoring unforeseen events presenting unavoidable consequences?” exercising the concept and observing points of friction and difficulty for desirable modification and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTivated IT Reprogramming …. able to be correctly labeled and popularly classified as a Future Immersive Convergent AI Conversion.




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