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To not see and deny the realities of “WTF …. SNAFUFUDBAR”, steelpillow, has one likely to be negatively impacted and catastrophically vulnerable to further home team activity which has them not addressing the titanic elephants/failed policies in the room.

Blighty has certainly not got its sorrows to seek in that department whenever one considers the Conservative Party’s most recent monumental blunder which by all accounts today has wiped off £500BN [Five Hundred Thousand Million Pounds] from the economy in just a matter of days, and that only just the start of the pain they have inflicted upon the nation for it is both practically and virtually guaranteed to escalate a great deal further and become really depressing, isn’t it, whenever intelligence to fix the problem is not forthcoming and more folk realise it is MIA/AWOL.

It’s just a fantasy game, isn’t it, …. politicians acting and pontificating as if they know what they should be doing, and the markets marking their homework to keep them hostage to debt and deficit they might remotely command and control.

And one is to be led to believe there is no viable alternative ?????? Are you crazy, for that is certainly a certifiable madness being exercised there.


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Re: WTF …. SNAFUFUDBAR @Amentheist

But don’t you see, Amentheist, neither of those two activities work to prevent what you are trying to achieve and/or stop happening.

If such is forever happening, what is being done to try and prevent it is obviously fcuking useless, so who’s fooling whom here suggesting it is necessary and effective as a deterrent?

If ever it was possible for a Return on Invest [ROI] being constantly and consistently guaranteed a great deal less than zero, those are it. They are bottomless money pits/black holes from which nothing good and great ever emerges to be lauded and feted as saviour and great white knight of the imperial realm.


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For Greater IntelAIgent GamesPlay in Remote FailSafe Secured Alien Harbour Locations/AIDiaspora

Intel’s ambitions for this packaging tech aren’t limited to its own silicon. The company is a founding member of the Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe) consortium working to standardize the way chiplets from various vendors talk to one another. UCIe has already seen buy-in from some of the largest chipmakers and foundry operators, including TSMC and Samsung Electronics.

Tell me that is not for and/or not SMARTR Advanced IntelAIgent Virtual Machine Makeover and TakeOver of New World Order Programming Systems Administration and we will have to agree to disagree.

It not as if such progress and fundamental change though is not sorely needed and long overdue is it, whenever one ponders and wonders on the sorry sad disintegrating state of the human made worlds around you which surround and hold you captivated and imprisoned servering to their exclusive elite executive sysadmins needs and greeds with your feeds and seeds.

Bravo the Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe) consortium ….. nice to see you, to see you nice.


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Reading the Runes between the Lines

“By requesting additional reporting with specific types of disclosures relating to tax as mandated by GRI 207, the Proposal extends into subject matter that would not be appropriate for direct shareholder oversight.”

Oh please, you cannot be serious … unless worried about criminal activity, expecting that pig of an objection to the Proposal to fly.

Ignorance of subject matter because of no direct shareholder oversight being provided does neither excuse nor prevent shareholders being held liable and accountable for activity by A.N.Others beyond their knowledge and control.



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