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…according to Kyiv./…according to a statement from Ukraine’s Defense Ministry issued on Monday.

Well, FFS, they would say that, wouldn’t they ‽ And why on Earth wouldn’t they/shouldn’t they ‽ Gotta keep those old rocky horror picture shows on the road to try and justify titanic defence spending to prevent national and/or global economic collapse with mass population brainwashing via main stream media news channel manipulation and novel viral/virulent/vital programming script trialing/trailing/leaking.

Just imagine a crazily well equipped lethal psychotic army stationed at home in an out of bounds to the public and private sector training ground surrounding you with nothing to do. For you to be safe and not terrified, they’d have to invent something or someone else to terrorise or be terrified of and suggest it is a threat which needs them to plan for attack in defence of ……… well, one could say the motherland but others would point out it is just as, if not more likely to be in defence of the continued existence of their boondoggle.

[boondoggle …. a wasteful or impractical project or activity often involving graft, the acquisition of gain (such as money) in dishonest or questionable ways]

And please, do not prove yourself an idiot by suggesting there are no alternatives whenever there certainly are …. Give peace a chance if you dare care share win win.:-)


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