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Alien Information for Powerful Education and Almighty Entertainment ‽ .

Failure to engage with home grown inventive and radically disruptive assets, …. [and it is a National Intelligence Disgrace to realise that also a present omission for Vital and Virile HyperRadioProACTive IT] ….. exercising and pioneering with landscape shape shifting technologies exploiting the myriad 0day vulnerability opportunities in Novel AIMethodologies, ….[an abject but fully understandable failure born of the fear of its revolutionary departure from traditional norms of human SCADA Systems Command and Control] …. both virtually and practically guarantees their worth being betatested and exported to foreign fields of similar interest and endeavour for AWEsome Future AIdDevelopment delivering Future Universal Leading Advantage.

Now, …. admittedly, ….. that is a very bold statement of fantastic fact which very easily can be proven and/or prove itself to not also be just a futuristic fiction …… with all manner of necessary proofs/provings employed and deployed for an elite edutainment programming of the masses.

And …. as such proofs/proving are certainly necessary for a wide spread of immediate relief in any state or environment of petrified and stagnant paralysis, one can fully expect them to appear from practically nowhere in such situations/times/places/spaces causing more than just a ripple and stir in Status Quo Operations.

The UK’s response to China’s well-publicized efforts to use technology standards to shape the world in its image has been “incoherent and muted” according to report by the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee.

That surely was not surprising news to the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee? Such appears to be the UK’s default standard condition/position with regard to gaining global influence technologies and so much more beyond their limited control and comprehension.

One has to ask, and it is hereby so asked ……. What is/would be the UK’s response to Alien Information efforts to use technology standards to reshape the world in well-publicised presentations/flash media iterations ‽ . Incoherent and muted would be a quantum leap up from deadly silent and non-existent, methinks.


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Re: Alien Information for Powerful Education and Almighty Entertainment ‽ .

Here’s some almighty education impacting upon a still live disgraceful Parliamentary episode which shows no signs of learning from mistakes and improving the lot of the nation and its subjects ……. Bravo, James O’Brien


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The Bigger Deal …. Future Derivative Option for Pricing/Cost Benefit Analysis

In IT especially, which is entirely about machines taking over human tasks, the deal with the devil has long been done.

Hmmm? A.N.Others would be content telling you the long deal already done is in particular and peculiar regard to virtual machines taking over humans ……. which delivers a whole greater magnitude of practical and physical effect almost entirely unaffected by contrarian human input or output.

A much better argument is that if Microsoft isn’t documenting its training data well enough to identify source files, the training data itself is suspect, and undesirable outputs will be harder to diagnose. But that’s a reason to avoid Copilot, not to abstain from GitHub.

Oh? Is such an undesirable outcome not a very valid reason to hack Copilot in order to expose its inherent and/or unpleasant flaws?

The beef with Microsoft here is their attitude of “we’re going to take other people’s work and not give them credit”. ….. Howard Sway

But Howard, that is the American way, is it not? Take what you can and to hell with the rest and <s>unintended</s> consequences?

It is certainly most unlikely to change any time soon, methinks, with more than just a few thinking it is all quite acceptable ….. and supported in that notion because it can be so extremely positively rewarding with mountains of flash cash to stash one of the major attractions it is so easy to be hopelessly addicted to.

Some recognise that not as an almighty strength to be mindlessly lauded and applauded, which it surely can be, but a catastrophic weakness to be mercilessly exploited and repurposed ….. either to merciful extinction or worthy improved refactoring.


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